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Accessing BIOS on external Monitor (M17xR4)


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Anyone knows how I can access the BIOS settings on an external monitor? I'm using an M17xR4 (3D 120hz) with a broken main screen (content barely visible)

It shows content on the external monitor only when the Windows boot.


I tried


*removing the main screen's ribbon cable to force the laptop to recognize the monitor as primary display, no luck, always getting 8 beeps.


*closing the lid as soon as I press the power button.


*connecting the monitor to VGA as well as HDMI.





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IIRC you need to be in legacy boot with legacy option rom enabled to get an image on external screen in PEG mode.

Just be careful if you have newer mxm card inside (pascal...), the card might not output in PEG with legacy mode enabled and you might end with 8 beeps and be forced to do a full nvram reset.

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