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970m in M17xR3 - Need help/Modders

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Hi all, 


I need help modifying 970m vBIOS to work in M17xR3. 


M17xR3 has no UEFI so it only works with legacy vBIOS. If newer card such as 970m with UEFI vBIOS is used, we get 8 beeps. 


I've been told by another person they had M5000M (980m Quadro) working in M17xR3/m18xR1 by modifying vBIOS and removing UEFI gop portion. 


I have tried this by removing UEFI gop and by removing ifr header and it still does 8 beep. Perhaps someone can help me modify it, maybe I am doing it wrong. 


here is the vBIOS https://www.mediafire.com/file/gui9h0p06ws2pbi/970m_vBIOS.zip/file


970mstock = stock 970m vBIOS card came with 

970mnogop = Removed uefi gop portion and padded file with FF 

970mnogopnoifr = same as above but also removed ifr header to see if it helps 


only other option would be bios mod but that will probably be even harder. The original person claiming M5000M working has yet to respond to me.


in theory this should work, when I had 8970m, I had same issue but VBE7 removes UEFI gop and the card worked for me. I do get a backlight on the screen but before posting it 8 beeps. 


maybe @Klem knows?

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