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Failing 1070 - Repair, Replace, Abandon?


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Hi, TI. Long time no post!


The (aftermarket, msi) 1070 in my M17x R4 is... dying, seemingly, at the start of its 4th year of service. The laptop will post and make it to Windows, but if the clock rises above say... the power-saving baseline, the screen will start locking up (though the machine is still operating behind the stale frames).


Naively, I would _guess_ that this is more of a power issue that anything else and that _theoretically_ a specialty shop could take on the repair work. That said, a bit of reading indicates that it could... just as easily be the core (given that it's still providing video out) and could be a total wash.


(I've reseated the card a few times - same/same - and a backup card I had on hand, a 970m, runs fine).


I'm at a bit of a loss on this one. Replacement parts seem to be incredibly difficult to source at this point; Eurocom promised me the last msi 1070 they had on the shelf then rescinded the offer after it failed tests... I'm currently sitting on one from Ascendtech that looked brand new but throws 8-beeps out of the box... so there's that also.


Looking for opinions - letting go is hard but I suspect the writing is on the wall here.



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Could be the BGA solder going bad as is usually the case w/these laptop GPUs. You could try baking it as a last ditch effort or find a repair shop that specializes in BGA repair (rare). 

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