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P177SM GPU Upgrade


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Hello, so right now I have a Multcom Kunshan P177SM (Clevo P177SM) with following specs :

GTX 780M

And it's not a terrible laptop at least for me, but I would like to have a bit more, stable FPS in games like The Crew 2, Rise of The Tomb Raider, DiRT Rally 2.0 and one of the main bottlenecks if I'm not wrong is the GPU.

So, I'm kind off thinking about upgrading it to GTX 970M or if finances allow, GTX 980M. But I was wondering, if there's something I should know before doing it or is it as easy as just getting the old GPU out, installing a new one, reinstalling drivers and i'll be good to go? As I really can't find any proper info online.

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Did you buy the laptop in Norway?


For starters, before installing the card, you should uninstall the current nvidia drivers (after that you can use Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) to make sure you have clean install) and make sure you unplug the AC and have the battery out. Also a good idea would be to disconnect the CMOS battery as well (top part, below the keyboard), but in this case, it will also reset your bios and you would need to manually put in your settings again. 

Do a proper clean both on the GPU and heatsink using isopropyl alcohol before applying thermal paste and don't forget to apply thermal pads as well where needed. Apart from that you should be good to go.


Good luck! )

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Was the upgrade successful? My GPU is 780M, but there is something wrong and I might replace it. And I would like to know if there is a potential issue with the GPU change.

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All i know the  GPU is working on this laptop for GTX8xx and 9xx series. 

But this Laptop is a beast and the GPU is working for others serie only with Nvidia Mod. in a other install way.


best Regards 

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