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  1. Might be a dying GPU. My P177SM beeped about the same amount of times without a GPU and just turned off.
  2. Hi, so I got GTX 970M recently and I want to flash a custom vBIOS for it but the problem is, I see that you have to use a modified version of NVFlash, but I can't find it. Did I misunderstand something or just it isn't possible to get it? Thanks in advance
  3. Not expecting much, but Clevo P177SM, need support for GTX 970M (Clevo).
  4. Forget about it, CPU isn't even overclockable in the first place and that laptop isn't made for that.
  5. Well, it's quite an old laptop and an Alienware one, so I doubt you'll find some good deals.
  6. If the laptop manufacturer says that it only supports up to 32GB, I doubt more would work. After all, it isn't enough that the CPU supports 64GB, motherboard should too.
  7. It would be great, if you would provide a correct model of your laptop, because at least I can't find any proper information for it. But, one of the reasons why you aren't able to use faster RAM than 2400Mhz, may be because your CPU doesn't support it. Or did you replace all your RAM with 3200MHz or only added the 3200MHz stick? And about that NVFlash error, have your tried a different NVFlash version?
  8. I don't know how the prices are in Belgium, but I would be looking into something like Lenovo Legion Y540, with at least ant i5 9th Gen and GTX 1660 Ti.
  9. Hello, so right now I have a Multcom Kunshan P177SM (Clevo P177SM) with following specs :i7-4700MQ2x4GBGTX 780M256GB SSD + 1TB HDDAnd it's not a terrible laptop at least for me, but I would like to have a bit more, stable FPS in games like The Crew 2, Rise of The Tomb Raider, DiRT Rally 2.0 and one of the main bottlenecks if I'm not wrong is the GPU.So, I'm kind off thinking about upgrading it to GTX 970M or if finances allow, GTX 980M. But I was wondering, if there's something I should know before doing it or is it as easy as just getting the old GPU out, installing a new one, reinstalling drivers and i'll be good to go? As I really can't find any proper info online.
  10. Hi, so I have a Multicom P17SM laptop with GTX 780M and it kind off overheats a bit, while gaming it sits at 93 celsius. One of the reason might be the thermal paste I'm using (CoolerMaster IC1 Value) and some worn off thermal pads, but I'll fix those in the future, I'll get Arctic MX-4 and new thermal pads. But I still was thinking about undervolting it, but it seems that originally it's locked, so I was thinking if it's still worth it using svl7 vBIOS in 2020? Or is there something better?
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