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  1. Hi, I would like to OC my cpu in my Clevo P17SM-A and I found this on a different forum: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/finely-stable-4910mq-oc.778717/ I'm new at this to start with and I didn't do much overclocking since the days we had to switches jumpers on the motherboard of our computers. I wanted to get the same results more or less, but in his steps, the guy mentions that there is a setting in BIOS called "Long duration power limit". Albeit he has an Alienware, but I googled a bit around and found out that some Prema bioses have the same setting under the OC menu. My BIOS Version is 1.03.11PM v2 / EC 1.03.09 and it doesn't have the setting in question. Can someone bring some light on how can I OC this cpu without damaging it. Beers are on me obviously
  2. My P170SM-A from 2014 was around $2500 when I bought it new. I actually listed on a sales website not so long ago and the highest bid I got was $400. You have by far better hardware though, and maybe it didn't loose so much value, but be aware that the prices change drastically with every new generation of components. Just follow the market, or try to sell it for parts if the price is not satisfactory.
  3. Does the die make proper contact with the cooler? What paste did you use?
  4. Did you buy the laptop in Norway? For starters, before installing the card, you should uninstall the current nvidia drivers (after that you can use Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) to make sure you have clean install) and make sure you unplug the AC and have the battery out. Also a good idea would be to disconnect the CMOS battery as well (top part, below the keyboard), but in this case, it will also reset your bios and you would need to manually put in your settings again. Do a proper clean both on the GPU and heatsink using isopropyl alcohol before applying thermal paste and don't forget to apply thermal pads as well where needed. Apart from that you should be good to go. Good luck! )
  5. Hey, I have the same laptop and I was wondering if a 1070 would work with it. I ordered one already that has the same form factor and mxm connection, but it didn't arrive and I am not sure that it will work. I already have prema's bios on my laptop, but I am not sure if I need anything else for it to work. Maybe a custom bios? Any ideas?
  6. I bought a 1070 mxm card for MSI, but I am planning to install it on a Clevo. It didn't arrive yet and I don't know if it will work, but in case it does, I was wondering if I can use your vbios with it. Do you know anything about compatibility with other card vendors?
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