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...I need help. Big help. (Zbook 17 + Polaris/Ellesmere)

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So...I have been working for several weeks on a very significant project. And unfortunately...haven't been having much luck. I decided that I wanted to go AMD on the Zbook 17, and most cards I've tried have worked fine. But...this most recent one...I haven't been able to. And I really...really would like it, if it could work somehow.

To be specific, the laptop in question is a Zbook 17 G3, and the card I'm trying to get to work is a 4GB RX 480/Radeon Pro WX 7100. The problem I have is, simply, the laptop refuses to recognize this card. In Windows, it doesn't see it. When the BIOS is switched to dedicated graphics mode, there's no output at all.

It's exactly the same in a Zbook 17 G1. I've been trying to fix an MSI GT60 to get a different brand to try it with, but unfortunately, that hasn't worked. Can anybody, perhaps, give me some advice or things to consider?

I do have a SPI flasher and have tried several different VBIOS to see if, perhaps, a VBIOS flash could take care of the issue.

As such, I can try other VBIOS, or modded VBIOS, and I've studied Polaris so I know how to pass the signature checks. At this point, I'll try almost anything.

If possible...could I get some assistance from people who are more knowledgeable? Or do I need to downgrade my goals to S7100X?

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Maybe the same problem, I am having? https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/13275-precision-7720-deactivates-amd-7100-gpu-when-system-starts/&tab=comments#comment-175367


Where did you get your WX 7100? This Pro-Version should have 8GB RAM. Did you flash a 4GB RX 480 into the pro-Version?

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