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Is Overclocking my Sager NP8278 GTX980m 8gb good?



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i don't see why not. it's a "free" performance boost of sorts. just make sure to take it slowly and test for stability. as long as there is enough power and thermal headroom, you shouldn't have any issues. you might want to check your power brick. a 180w power brick might not be enough for the power draw of an OC'ed 980m  and you might need a 230W power brick

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 Hope nobody minds if I kick the dust off this thread. Topic (overclocking) comes up a lot whether it's smartphones, laptops/notebooks, desktops...

 I agree with Antonio. If your rig WILL overclock without running out of juice or getting "too hot," you might get a little "free" boost.

 Being a desktop nerd from way back and having overclocked every rig ever owned (that COULD) I'm a big fan of. Since AMD 486DX4/100 on an early PCI mobo. 

 If seriously wanting to OC you should do some dirty work like pulling your heatsinks and applying fresh/better thermal compound, making SURE your fans are clean. Your hardware looks good but considering the Gen fresh thermal paste is probably a good idea (if not done already). OC i7-4xxx CPUs run fairly hot so good heatsink contact is important. 980 GPUs can also get warm. Fresh compound/solid heatsink contact takes away a big variable when overclocking. My desktop has an i7-3930k and two R9 390x. Fresh compound on all, difference like night and day when I started upping clocks. Even at stock clocks. Sho Nuff.

 IF your rig can overclock, please let us know. I, for one, am interested to hear back from you on that score. Just got a slightly older lap/note with i7-3610 and would really love to know if you were successful with OC.


 Best Regards,





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