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What is my TOLUD and what GPU should I buy?

Diego G.

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So my laptop (latitude e6430) has an expresscard, so I wanted to get a eGPU for it. I did some research, and already got the adapter, but theres one thing I need. I need to know what is my TOLUD and what GPU should I buy for it, respectively. Here I attach a screenshot of my device manager and my laptop's specs so that someone may help me. If I got this right, my tolud should be 3.5Gb. Is this true, and if so, what GPU should I buy?

Processor: i7-3520M


note: sorry that the screenshot is in spanish, but I dont think that should matter


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19 hours ago, xerman said:

Yo estoy intentando averiguar mi Tolud tambien, pero no he conseguido nada todavía.
¿Como sabes que es 3.5 gb?

No estoy 100% seguro, pero al revisar este link: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/how-to-find-the-tolud-size-win7-x64.720386/ creo que si podria ser 3.5gb. Honestamente, no lo entiendo completamente, pero igual deberías revisarlo, y si lo comprendes, tal vez me podrías ayudar a encontrar el mío.

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