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y500 - eGPU on mPCIE only 1x?


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Hey sorry for my bad english and sorry if this question is kinda stupid..

So i have a y500 650m SLI and already flashed the bios.

I thought about getting myself a EXP GDC v8 + 220W Dell power brick and a 1050 Ti from Zotac.

i googled a bit and found some ppl saying that the y500 model 1(? - i don't know which one i have) only has mPCIE x1 - so whatever it is they say it's kinda slow.

So my questions are, do i only have 1x PCIE, how can i find out and to what "powerer degree" of graphics card can i get, that doesnt suffer from power loss then?! Is a 1050Ti ok für that PCIE 1x?


i attached a screen of my nvidia inspector window maybe it helps


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its quite common that most eGPU is connected to pcie 1x as most laptop that require a performance boost doesn't have any other option left. if anyone can somehow utilize the ultrabay on the y400/y500, it would be a game changer.


You will not fully utilize the performance of the card with pcie 1x but you WILL definitely have a significant performance boost over the old graphic. 1050 ti is really good for some online game for sure.
Take a look at this thread, the guy uses rx 480 for an upgrade.

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