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Mid 2012 MBP w/Akitio T2 & GTX 970 Crashing issue


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So, I sold my eGPU setup, which was a GTX 970 in a Thunder2 enclosure using a Corsair VS550 psu. Worked fine when I owned it, my MacBook died, so I've sold it to a friend. 


Set it up fine on his mid 2012 MBP no worries, everything seemed to work fine at first. Now, a day later, every time he loads heroes of the storm (or any game for that matter) the computer black screens and resets, throws up a GPU panic error code. Sometimes it will last a little longer than others, but the predominate issue is that the fans often aren't spinning when the radiator gets hot. The fans work, because they spin up on start up. 


Ideas for what could be causing this issue?



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UPDATE: Above issue has been solved, was running in mirrored display and not utilising eGPU. 


Still crashing as soon as load put on GPU - unigine on lowest settings crashes computer immediately. 

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SOLVED: Ended up being high resistance in the molex-to-barrel connecting harness. Removed solder joins and put in crimp terminals. 

Re-tested with benchmark on unigine and got around 40fps at 1080p on ultra settings, no crashing issues. 

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