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G75VW Upgrade help

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so my old G75VW is needing some upgrades, i have a bunch of options:


  1. Motherboard swap using a G75VX motherboard with thunderbolt to get a thunderbolt port + akitio thunder2
  2. Using some mad casemodding skills to fit a GTX880M + heatsink(from a G750), vbios mod(some help needed)
  3. Exp gdc maybe with a GTX 1070 or 1060
  4. Sell it and buy a clevo or alienware
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I'd go with #4, or just pickup another ASUS like I did. The BIOS chip, at the very least, on my G75 died and I upgraded to a GL502VY and it's just heavenly. Lighter, faster, less headaches all around. The G75 definitely isn't worth saving IMO. Keep it around as a backup, if anything. Or, give it to a family member.

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