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14" DELL 5430 + RX 480[8GB]@4Gbps EC2 (EXP GDC V8.4d) + Win10 [UnrealMitch]

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First, hello! Although I am new here, I have been a long time following this forum, and without all of you this hasn't been possible,so thank you!


  • System:
    • Hardware
      • Dell 5430 14"
      • Core i5 3320M
      • 8GB RAM (1x1600Mhz)
      • iGPU Intel HD 4000
  • Software
    • Win 10 Pro 64-bit Versión 10.0.14393 [UEFI]
    • GPU Driver AMD Radeon 17.2.1 (non-whql)
  • EGPU
  • Configuration
    • Just connect the egpu to PC via ExpressCard (PSU ON & PC Off), turn on the PC, and GPU was detected and it worked. [PTD: Off]
  • Others:
    • With 16.12.2 Drivers have some better performance, but my screen blinks sometimes
    • Freesync works well
    • This test have some OC to have similar performance that with whql drivers
    • Video demo:  


  • Hardware Info:
    • Spoiler


      GPUz & CPUz:

      A8LlpQO.png   EAYNB3f.png


      HWInfo (GPU & CPU)



      HWInfo (GPU)



      HWInfo (Bus GPU)



      AMD Config:






  • TEST & BenchMark
    • 3DMark TimeSpy 1.0 3242 (GPU:3920) http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/18115631
    • 3DMark FIRE STRIKE 1.1 7375 (GPU:12996) http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/18115814
    • Ungine Heaven 4.0 [Basic]: 3025 [Extreme]: 1495
    • Ungine Valley 1.0 [Extreme HD]: 1933
    • Games [FRAPS - 5Min ingame]:
    • Game [1080] FPS AVG FPS Min FPS Max Config
      The Witcher 41.66 28 52 Ultra
      GTA V 23.66 13 38 Maximun Setting [Mod Cars]
      GTA V 32.2 20 72 High
      Skyrim 59 35 63 Ultra [Mod ENB Photorealistic]
  • Screenshots Bench:












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2 hours ago, alternal_steam said:

great results. Dell e5430 is a cheap laptop and it can provide very good results with EGPU. Wonder if E5430 can handle i7 quad core?


I'm not sure ... you can use till i7-3940XM (3Ghz- 3.9Ghz Turbo), although the problem here are the temperatures, laptop can't handle the TDP of this CPU (55W vs the 35W of 3320M), maybe can handle i7-3635QM (45W) with some throttling. I think that all i7 with 35W of TDP, it's just dual core. And now I have the i5 with a bit of OC and reach the 90, so I guess that it can't handle a quad-core without throttling (at least, without mods).


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1 hour ago, alternal_steam said:

i7 3612qm is 35w. Go ahead for it.


Wow nice! And it isn't so expensive, i found by 125€ - 120$, sounds good! But I bought other laptop last week :sad:. I'll give the laptop to my brother, so maybe he want change it.

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