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Lenovo Z510 Black screen when switched on (no bios access/no lenovo logo)


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Lenovo system update installed an update. Also my wifi was unstable so I downloaded the official intel update tool and tried to install the new driver for the wifi. The intel driver installer tried to install the new driver but it was unsuccessful and said reboot required before installing the driver, I rebooted the Z510. Then after reboot it automatically went to the bios. and I exited not saving the changes. 

... and black screen.

I don't even get the lenovo logo. NOVO button cause black screen too.

What I have done: 

- opening the laptop and unplugging the battery and holding the power button for 15 second and turning it on with AC adapter

- changing the ram 

- removing the hard drive

- replacing the laptop monitor with another 

- plugging external monitor and try it 


not luck :( 

Also, when I turn it on I noticed that the backlight of the screen blinks approximately every 2 seconds, as if it is some kind of corrupted boot loop. 


please help me I am student and I need my computer and I do not have money to buy a new one at the moment :(


If you need more information please don't hesitate to ask,

I really appreciate your help,


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I don't have a Lenovo z510, but I decided to download a bios for it from the Lenovo website and used the Phoenix tool to find a bios recovery name for the z510 bios. I'm pretty sure the bios name you would have to use for a recovery is "Zx10X64.fd".


I had a similar problem on my Y500, and I did this:

I can't imagine that a bios recovery for a Lenovo z510 would be that much different. Perhaps the actual steps for a bios recovery on a z510 are little different, but maybe they aren't. But I'm pretty sure the right file name to use, if you have the appropriate bios, is "Zx10X64.fd".

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