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Lenovo ideapad 510ISK cannot extract vBIOS

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I'm new on a forum and i didnt see any answer to my problem on forum or googling it.
I own Lenovo ideapad 15ISK with GT 940MX 2GB DDR3 and it has serious throttling problems (throttles at 61 degrees, everyone on Lenovo forum are complaining about this yet Lenovo doesnt do anything to resolve these problems) so i decided to modify my vBIOS, or let someone do this.

The problem is that i can't extract it. I tried using GPU-Z and got "BIOS reading not supported on this device". Does anyone knows another way to get my vBIOS, or maybe someone has vBIOS suitable for my laptop.

I've found vBIOS for 940MX on general 900m series overclocking threat, but its for a 4GB version and for another model of computer ( Lenovo T560) so i guess that i cannot use it?

EDIT: When using nvflash i get: " Display adapter's EEPROM ID process failed "

EDIT2: I manager to extract my vBIOS ROM file (i think) from Lenovo BIOS update, here it is.

My question right now is: Is it right file? I checked on techpowerup and most files for NVIDIA mobile graphics are about this size. And if this is how can i modify it?


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The VBIOS is packed with the BIOS; you need to dump the laptop BIOS, then extract it from the BIOS with MMTool, and then hope that you can flash the bios back without a clip and direct access to the soic flash that holds the bios.

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