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Windows crashes when eGPU/external monitor is utilised


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Hi all, I have the following setup:

early 2015 rMBP 13"

Win 8.1 on external SSD

akitio thunder2 + gtx1060 6gb

400W gold PSU, with a 4pin EPS remade to barrel for the akitio, and a 6pin VGA into my GTX1060

external HDMI monitor connected to eGPU


Beyond the usual booting trouble, everytime I go into Windows and want to utilise the eGPU, whether by just displaying my external monitor in control panel or running benchmark apps like unigine, a black screen occurs.

Windows boots up with only my internal display showing, and control panel is able to reflect the name of my 2nd monitor properly.

However if I ever try to switch to extend/duplicate/2nd screen only, Windows crashes. I know it has crashed because the light on the caps lock key wont toggle when I press it. The only thing I can do at this point is force shut down.


In device manager, Windows shows my GTX 1060 just fine and even shows its status as "working properly". Yet, I cant utilise my eGPU.

I have the v327.54 geforce drivers already installed. I also tried v327.70 to no avail. The only time anything ever appeared on my external display during this eGPU thing (like, ever) is a flash of a white screen on both internal and external displays, before the macbook/windows crashes.

I have tried restarting countless times, either plugging thunderbolt cable in from cold boot or only when the windows insignia shows.


I am clueless as to what's wrong. Does anyone have any idea? I will greatly appreciate it!!

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I use the switch on the psu. Paperclip trick done on the 20pin mobo cable. The akitio lights up and my 1060's fan spins fine though, even after windows crashes they continue to be lighted up/spinning. Does that mean anything?

6 hours ago, MVC said:

Sounds like power issue.


How is 400W PSU triggered on? 

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new progress: i can get my external display to show for about 10-20 seconds after windows boots up (i.e.. login screen, desktop), then it hangs after that and becomes a white screen, and the system is unresponsive (caps lock light doesnt toggle). I can consistently get this result each boot.


Since you suggested its a power problem, here are more details of my PSU:

FSP 400W aurum Gold 80+

ATX 12V V2.3 & EPS 12V V2.92

4pin EPS cable modded with 2 yellow and 2 black cables into screw terminal barrel plug for akitio. 6pin for GTX1060 comes either directly from PSU, or via molex to 6pin, no difference at this point as load is low.


I also tried using the akitio 60W power supply to test if it was the instability of my PSU, but the 60W one is worse and throws up a Code 43 every time.


The 400W PSU is old, but it is a high quality PSU.

My question is, the PSU can provide a stable voltage to keep the akitio and graphics card lit up consistently, so why cant it handle more than 20 seconds of just showing the external display?

Also, I have used the mobile and desktop 372.70 drivers. Both give the same result.

Any idea, @MVC?

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