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  1. Hello everyone, I bought a m17x r4. On the machine, I see that there is a lot of plastic and rubber, much worse than m15x, that old glory, he swallowed everything without complaining. I did a clean installation with windows 10 and putting the win7 64 bit drivers went all to the dark side with an unrecoverable boot error. So I installed the windows I had initially. Please someone is so kind to tell me: -version of driver that I should use -order of the installation. -advices about this machine Data of the machine: cpu 3740qm gpu gtx675m ram 20gb LG Philips 60hz fullhd screen 3di recon sound ssd 500gb mx500 crucial disk (gpt) ssd disk 32gb msata (raid cache) disk 750gb wd black 7200rpm wifi killer uefi start At the moment everything works except the microphone, webcam, last button (comand center) Thank you very much
  2. Hello everyone, forgive the translation. I know I answer late, I still hope it works. The 780m gpu is very heavy with its 100w for the M15x, it has a very high consumption and the cpu 920xm does not help. Between the 2 there is a large amount of thermal energy. In this case, you can try to lower the micro by a 7x0qm or 8x0qm (x replace by 2 or 4). If you have one of these 45w chip on hand, something might improve. I would try it. The most powerful configuration known these days and that is proven excellently is with 920xm and GTX970m. It is a perfect harmony. But it's still an expensive card. If someone wants to invest in a card and reliability, I recommend that configuration. Greetings and thanks for reading.
  3. Hello, my question is ... are you interested in an alienware m17x r4 / m18x r2 today? Are the problems of these models solved? I have M15x with 920xm and gtx970m. By power they will be similar I imagine. What is your opinión?
  4. DS3 only detects USB devices. Minipci not work. Try to get a usb bluetooth. Greetings and luck
  5. There gtx965m CEG NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M 4GB GDDR5 VGA MXM 3 0B Clevo Alienware | eBay Performance is lower, but has lower consumption and price is lower NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M - NotebookCheck.net Tech If no hurry, you wait until prices drop 970.
  6. The GTX460M has native support for dell drivers. The gtx470m was not supported at that time. Good to know that it works. Search StealthIndicator is a software to force the stealth mode, if you do not have or do not get it, report it and climb the file.
  7. With gtx970m / 980m is possible function adapter 150w? I think the prices are excessive, but will update in the future.
  8. I was looking at the picture that has J95 and I realized that it is PCIe 3.0. Do you think it could work on a PCIe 2.0 alienware M15x?
  9. I wonder ... gtx960m bring the 16/20 nm, directx12? worth the wait?
  10. thanks for replying . It is an honor to speak with you I have seen the vbios mod and I think there's a lot of talent and courage to do anything. I have read that some processors amd had made ​​several microcuts laser, then I wonder if there would be much difference with intel . I'm thinking of taking a picture of very high resolution to try to examine the processor but would need something where I compare . At the moment I 'm thinking things that go less intrusive methods to high-risk things (not compensated ) . You may have cut tracks, you have some different capacitor possessing eeprom memory and there is nothing to do , the truth is I do not know, for now I will try to look for differences . Slv7 : efuses electronic fuses you mean ? can not find the thread @ Khenglish was reached to try something ? fatboyslimerr : pencil mod is a masterpiece, and create a track that supports high temperatures in a delicate and confined space ? yet I still marveling at these things.
  11. First I apologize because I have not managed to unlock anything and the title is the aim pursued, not the result. But I'm under the suspicion that all the i7 7xx 8xx and 9xx processors are the same part. In these images we can see with the same mechanical base. ---------------Images i7 720qm----------------------------------- 720qm 3 720qm 4 720qm 720qm 2 ---------------Images i7 920xm------------------------------------ 920xm front 920xm back 920xm 2 920xm ---------------Images i7 940xm------------------------------------- 940xm 2 940xm 940xm 3 ---------------Intel Datasheet---------------------------------------- Intel® Core? i7-900/i7-800/i7-700 Mobile Processor: Datasheet, V.1 Intel® Core? i7-900/i7-800/i7-700 Mobile Processor: Datasheet, V.2 Intel® Core? i7-900/i7-800/i7-700 Mobile Processor Series: Update Products (Formerly Clarksfield) In search of information I found an article where intel was experimenting with a pilot program that consisted of selling licenses to unlock cores and processor functions. (date 9/2010) Logically has not been implemented. Desbloquea tu CPU Intel previo pago, una realidad que aún no lo es en España Intel quiere que pagues para desbloquear la auténtica potencia de sus chips So I would find a way to unlock it.
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