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  1. @Simurgh5 Nnnkaayyy... the only difference between our setups (when it comes to running this thing on OSX) is that your card has a slightly lower clock... thus a lower power consumption? KFA GTX750 Ti OC: Core Clock:1072 MHz Boost-Clock:1150 MHz my GTX750 TI SC Base Clock: 1176 MHzBoost Clock: 1255 MHz I mean the difference in Boost clock is only 105 MHz… so maybe 100 MHz overall. You really think this is the bit that is too much snfd getting a card with a slightly lower clock will do the trick? Or am I simply missing smth else? Salut still had to do this 75W-Mod with his Palit KalmX-Card in order to get enuf power to the card. @ALL: any thoughts? Should I just go ahead and get a bigger card and power the enclosure and the gpu independently like Stevewashere? Somehow I was under the impression that this would not be recommended – but in his case it seems to work like a charm.
  2. @ALL: Thanks for the pointers! @goalque Ah OK… I get it. Thanks for the link to saluts KALMX-project. Glad it works for him – more or less. Even though I am a little worried I might into the same "noise" issue. But like I mentioned before I am pretty sure I would ruin the hardware since I don't have the tools and skills to solder anything. @Stevewashere Nice setup you got there! So have kept the original Akitio-PSU to keep the box running – but you have an additional ATX PSU for the card. Meaning: in my case I would still need a different graphics card since the current one does not have that kind of power socket, right? @sdedlus1 Good thinking on the "bang for buck" thing. Since the small card does not work under these circumstances I may as well get a bigger card and more power. Just like mentioned above – so I guess I will give it a shot with the GTX950. 1) Does it make any difference if I pick the MSI OC or the one from EVGA as long as it has the 6-pin connector (that I am missing in my card right now)? 2) Do you have both power sources attached? 2.a) Original-Akitio-PSU to the enclosure/box and DELL-D2-A via 6-pin to the card? or should I go with 2.b) 120WATT-PSU attached to the Akitio and the D2-A via 6-pin to the card? Are you running your system on OSX or Windows?
  3. @BerionAh OK… so I guess we can't really compare the setups since you are running on WIN10 and me on OSX. I am using a 120W PSU with a barrel plug – so I followed the advice most people here would've given when it comes to using this kind of card. Ans since I am not able to underclock the card inside OSX I assume I will just have to go with a smaller card. I am thinking "Palit NVIDIA GTX750TI NE5X75T00941H KalmX". What do you think?
  4. @Simurgh5Thank you for your quick response and useful insights on this! Okay… so I guess I'll just get a smaller card then. I am thinking "Palit NVIDIA GTX750TI NE5X75T00941H KalmX" because it has an even lower boost clock ( 1085MHz) AND it's silent because it has no fan. What do you think?
  5. @Tech Inferno FanThanks for the pointers! Wow, I did not know what I was getting into. I am a total noob when it comes to soldering and stuff. I think I get it all also the simple part with the tape. But the reason I picked this setup was in order to specifically avoid any hassle concerning rewiring and stuff. I am pretty sure I would destroy the card because I am not proficient enuf for that kind of mod. (So sorry...) BUY A CARD W/ LOWER CLOCK?! Maybe my configuration is faulty because I am using the EVGA GTX750 TI SC instead of the "non-SC"-version? GTX750 TI (NON-SC) Base Clock: 1020 MHzBoost Clock: 1085 MHz GTX750 TI SC Base Clock: 1176 MHzBoost Clock: 1255 MHz Can you or anyone confirm the specs and my assumption that this might be the reason for my system being unstable?
  6. @BerionMaybe my configuration is unstable because I am using the EVGA GTX750 TI SC instead of the "non-SC"-version? GTX750 TI (NON-SC) Base Clock: 1020 MHzBoost Clock: 1085 MHz GTX750 TI SC Base Clock: 1176 MHzBoost Clock: 1255 MHz Can you or anyone confirm the specs and my assumption that this might be the reason for my system being unstable?
  7. @goalqueThanks for your response! Aw man... bummer. :-/ Nkay... so this means underclocking is only possible on windows. But I am not a windows user so that is not gonna help me. (I am doing design and video editing stuff on OSX). The app/tool mentioned above does not seem trustworthy since it does not even recognise the clock rates correctly. So my only option (because I am not gaming on windows but instead working on OSX) is to get a different card which is compatible with 1) Thunder2 2) 120W PSU 3) OSX …right? If so: what graphics card would that be? o_O' 1) EVGA GTX750 (the plain one... not TI, not SC) 2) EVGA GTX750 SC 3) totally different card?! Any thoughts?
  8. BARREL PLUG I now triple-checked this. It's sitting nice and tight in the socket. No wiggle-room. For both PSUs… (120W and 150W) the plugs are totally fine. HEAT Like i mentioned before the crashes occur at random. I can see no pattern on this. Does not matter if I just turned on the MBP … after 2 min.: CRASH … or if I am browsing … after 20 min.: CRASH. Sometimes everything is fine… and then after X min. same story. Soooo... no the crashes occur not only under load but even when I am not doing anything. :-/ But thanks for the pointer – that's why I got the 150W PSU in the first place. Assuming the 120W PSU would be too small and thus too hot. THUNDERBOLT I am already an APPLE TB cable. OVERCLOCKING I have only found a VEERRRRYYYY OLD GPU tweaking tool from 2011... I am not sure if I should use it. The tool does not even recognise the specs correctly (see attachment). SYSTEM REPORT I can't read all that stuff that OSX is giving me as a system report after I reboot after the crash. But the first couple of lines say something about "GPU panic"… which makes me wonder if I should reinstall the drivers and all. You agree?
  9. @Dschijn Thanks for the quick response. 1) BARREL PLUG Yes, it's all the way down in the socket – I just double checked. I assume otherwise it would not be running at all, right? 1.a) HEAT?! Seems not be an issue either… I even removed the cover so the card would get more air. No difference… still unannounced crashes. After 2hrs or 2min – or in between. 2) UNDERCLOCKING I am a total noob when it comes to that. Sorry. I was under the impression that I would not be able to do that inside OSX. You got any news for me on that?
  10. Hi Berion, thanks for sharing your info on your setup. I pretty much have the same configuration – except that it's a 15" rMBP instead of a 13". Problem in my case: the system is not stable. It crashes at random – no matter if I am browsing via chrome or watching any kind of video. Heck, it even sometimes when I do not do anything at all. I do not care too much for gaming inside Windows 10 – I just wanted to have some extra screen space for OSX when working on video editing. When the MBP is running without the Akitio everything's fine. I had the mainboard recently renewed... the whole OS is a fresh install. Can you give me any pointers? Thanks in advance! Bazzinga
  11. Hi Dschijn, thanks for getting back at me so soon. Sorry for not being specific enuf... here are my detailed specs: 3) EVGA GTX 750 TI SC, Model: 02G-P4-3753-KR (https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00IDG3IDO/) 5.a) LEICKE 120 WATT (https://www.amazon.de/dp/B006Z9TQE6) 5.b) LEICKE 150 WATT (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00YXXAG7C/) Did I pick the wrong PSUs? I was assuming 5.a) would be enuf. And apparently this is not the issue... judging from other peoples success on this setup (GTX750 + 120W PSU). What am I missing? Vielen Dank! Bazzinga
  12. Hi everyone! As described in the title I have a 1) MBP (mid-2012) connected to an 2) Akitio Thunder2 which holds a 3) GTX 750 TI SC. Further specs are: HARDWARE 4) Original Apple TB-Cable 5) new PSUs 5.a) 120 WATT 5.b) 150WATTS 6) various LCD-Displays 6.a) 1280x1024 6.b) 1920x1080 6.c) 1600x1200 6.d) three 1600x1200 at the same time SOFTWARE 7) latest NVIDIA-Driver (346.03.15f02) 8) automate-eGPU.sh v0.9.8 9) MAC OS X, El Capitan 10.11.6 FURTHER INFO 1) I have the MBP in clamshell mode 2) so external monitor(s) is/are the main screen… not the MBP 3) startup is running without any problems THE ISSUE 1) MBP crashes 2) at random events 3) even at low performance... browsing in chrome or anything else normal 4) yes gaming works but also crashes… which is not surprising because 3) 5) all of the configurations mentioned above are not stable 6) even with a small monitor and the 150 WATT PSU 7) Also no difference with three 1600x1200 displays and a 120 WATT or 150 WATT PSU. Also unstable. MY QUESTION(S) 1) So what am I missing here? 2) Any pointers? Many thanks in advance! Bazzinga
  13. Hi everyone, first off: shout outs and many thanks to @goalque + @Dschijn and everyone else here. Without you I would not have been able to set up my current build. Which is: 1) MBPr 2012 in Clamshell-mode 2) Akitio Thunder2 3) Original Apple TB-Cable 4) GTX 750TI 5) 120W Power supply 6) external Monitor – directly hooked up to the Graphics Card, NOT via TB Driver + OSX-specs: see attachment ADOBE CC 2015 Everything seems to go well – but unfortunately NONE of my Adobe-products are working! Not even the GPU-sniffer or CUDA-Z are working: GPU-SNIFFER Tester="Photoshop" snifferStart="2016-01-22_18:37:36" AIFCoreInitialized=1 AIFOGLInitialized=1 caught signal 14, exit 4 done. CUDA-Z simply freezes GRAPHICS-GLITCH FYI: my MacBook has this technical glitch you might have heard of: http://www.macrumors.com/2015/02/19/2011-macbook-pro-repair-program-apple/ Unfortunately Apple won't repair my MacBook for free since my warranty has expired. So that was the reason why I got the eGPU in the first place: I'd rather spent X$ and double my GPU-performance instead of paying Y$ and get the same old MacBook. Did I fool myself here cause I should have made the repairs anyways? Or did I make the right choice... but I am just missing something in my setup/build? Any help, hints and pointers much appreciated! So long, Bazzinga
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