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Laptop External GPU Bandwidth cap

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I have a clevo w650sj:
-gtx 850m
-8gb ram
-250gb ssd
-i3 4110m


It is my only pc and nowadays it sits in the desk most of the time.

I was thinking about buying an EGPU adpater and a gtx 1050 to go along with it. 

I have an old PSU laying arround and i use my laptop with an external monitor and keyboard. So the only cost would be the adapter and the card itself.

My question is, will i have a reasonable performance boost moving from the gtx 850m to the gtx 1050? Or will the performance be capped by the Mini-PCI-E bandwidth?

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The GTX 1050 sure will be a big jump from 850m! Though, you are being limited to x1 Gen 2.0 connection, which is quite the bottleneck. IF you go with EXP GDC Beast, be prepared for common signalling issues with PCIe Gen 2.0, unless you are in a house where power isn’t used much with other electronics. If you go with PE4C V3.0, sure you may get less signalling issues, but either way, you are still bound to get the signalling issues. You may even need DIY eGPU Setup 1.30 for problems and workarounds with TOLUD problems and Anti-Whitelisting.


I would strongly recommend GTX 1060 or above for getting decent results with todays games. E.g. Gears of War 4.

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There is games where the bandwidth matters but in most modern titles(dx11/dx12/vulkan) you will get pretty solid performance even on x1 gen2 speed. Just search for gtx960/970 egpu on youtube.

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