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  1. Try to remove the PCIe Root Ports from device manager, even the Root Complex. Your os will probably freeze or keyboard/mouse not working after this but just reboot and windows will detect all the devices again. If you don't want to do that then open them one by one and check the Bios name under the details tab and figure out whitch one is for your egpu => delete only that then reboot.
  2. Yes, you can do it with in memory DSDT substitution via Setup 1.3.
  3. Yes it does, you can use DSDT substitution with setup1.3 to fix your problem. (dsdt override without testsigning)
  4. Lower frequency but 4 cores instead of 2. https://ark.intel.com/products/64893/Intel-Core-i7-3520M-Processor-4M-Cache-up-to-3_60-GHz http://ark.intel.com/products/52219/Intel-Core-i7-2630QM-Processor-6M-Cache-up-to-2_90-GHz I already said how you can check it, lower your resolution to 640x480 and if you get significantly higher fps then you can buy a new gpu.
  5. I can see those texture glitches very rarely (once per week) they look like gpu memory errors but never happen in other games so i dont care about them just restart the game when it happens. Render device lost is connection lost between the gpu and your notebook. You probably have that issue even if you just watch youtube and surf on the internet. You can try gen1 speed, different psu, different adapter, downclock gpu etc. its really hard to debug that. I still get 100+ fps on my custom ultra settings, 200+ on low with a 390x eGPU.
  6. So you think your cpu have plenty of power in cs:go to feed your gpu with 300fps? I tought source engine is a pretty cpu heavy engine and doesn't really tax gpus. Since you have pretty solid 100fps even in smoke you are pretty good. Probably you can set your settings to ultra and you have the ~same fps because your gpu just chilling and waiting for the cpu. I have ~120fps on dust2 with bots looking at the middle gate from the T spawn. The difference between very high and lowest graphics is like ~8-10 fps on 1080p. I'm using a i7-2630qm(4cores,8threads) notebook with a R9 390X eGPU.
  7. Just change the red value 01 01 00 01 01 01 to 01. On your picture (N53SVAS.215) its line 8160, column 3.
  8. Try to extract you dsdt table with aida64 engineering free trial.
  9. If you isolate the perst pin you never reboot your computer, always do shutdown/start or sleep/wake instead to trigger the delays on the adapter. The adapter has an LED turned on while waiting for the delay and goes off when its done. Other method is to mod your bios at your own risk and set the Chipset->System Agent->Graphics Configutarion->Primary Display to IGFX instead of Auto. I can't help you with this.
  10. If the switches on the adapter does not delay the LED on the adapter then try to isolate the #PERST pin on the mpcie connector. More info here:
  11. Keep the igp drivers installed, there is no reason to remove it. My suggestions: Try to search for hardware changes after the delays expire(red leds). not working for me, red delay LEDs never show up after: safety remove hardware power off the PSU start the PSU but my mobo forces #perst and i didn't removed the connector since im on mPCIe The other clunky workaround is to just sleep you computer and wake it up with egpu connected. this works for me and i'm fine with it
  12. @xzknightzx: yes you are right, if its safe to edit it via amibcp and reflash the bios then its an easy fix, just ask someone who are pretty good at bios mods (not me). If he says yes then just load your bios, put this to Enabled on Port3 in the Optimal column, flash the saved rom and use the "~Load Optimal settings" menu to apply it.
  13. M.2 Key E so Key A/E adapter is the way to go.
  14. 1) gen2 2) depends on the game but its usually 60 vs 90 fps so its pretty huge 3) yes, but you can just disable antialiasing and/or lower the texture quality is you have not enough vram 4) 750ti is fine, gtx1050ti would be the no brainer (75W) BUT watch out for the error43 with Nvidia 372 thread, people having fun with nvidia drivers these days and there is threads about internal screen not working so read them before you decide. 5) depends on the game, overwatch doesn't really tax cpus, it kicks your gpu far more. The reason to use egpu is the shitty mobile dgpus/igps. Like a gtx1050 (gpu score: 7k) is a pretty big step upfrom the hd4000 (gpu score: 300) and if you can get "only" 10-15x the performance you are still in a pretty good corner. All in all knowing you are playing on a hd4000 now, you can still be happy with the internal screen performance, if you can make your egpu setup work
  15. Yes, for example dayZ anticheat. DSDT substitution with Setup1.3 allows you to do win7 style override (no testsigning required).
  16. Your easily accessible m2 key M slot is SATA only according to this (*1. M.2 (2280) SSD slot is SATA3 interface.) so egpu is not possible from this slot. I'm sorry i was wrong about the mpcie thing, you have no mpcie slot. Your wifi card is probably m2 key A/E slot and you have to open the case for it (white thing with QR code [link]) but there is PE4C adapter for it.
  17. No, and your m2 slot is sata only so the only option for you is to use the mpcie slot.
  18. When the gpu not under load it tries to save power and downgrades the link to 1.1 speed. There is a questionmark icon next to that box to put some load on your gpu to check the real value. When you have signaling issues your display driver usually crash/restore or just BSOD the whole system with a nice VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE or THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER or similar exception.
  19. There is games where the bandwidth matters but in most modern titles(dx11/dx12/vulkan) you will get pretty solid performance even on x1 gen2 speed. Just search for gtx960/970 egpu on youtube.
  20. On win10 you will get bsod after installing lucid virtu. That project is abandoned. The good thing is you can still use your internal display for multi-monitor setup just keep in mind that its just igp accelerated. Some fun thing is that i can drag Dota2 (vulkan) from external egpu to internal screen, it works fine. Fps goes from 80ish to 30ish but the miracle is there because hd3000 does not support vulkan and you never get 30fps on high seting with this igp. Afterburner reports no clockrates and egpu usage if i disable the external monitor but the game still runs so its weird but performance wise i think amd or win10 doing something in the background. If you not connect an external monitor it forces igp, probably the windowed thing done some work when dragging around the monitors.
  21. bcdedit is part of windows located under system32/bcdedit.exe or sysnative/bcdedit.exe but I don't think you need to enable testsigning on windows 7 according to the instructions. Just skip this step and move to step 8.
  22. You can get the asl tool by downloading Windows Driver Kit. For the bsod part sorry, but i have no idea.
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