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GTX 1080 Fan Problem


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Hi all,

first excuse my bad english pls :x


I bought a new Computer with a gtx 1080 in, a Manli gtx 1080 Twin Cooler.

When I play games and the graphicscard need to work, the 2 fans start to speed up around 3k rpm and then fall of to the normal speed, it last for like 1second, sounds like a tubirne -.-' the temperaturs are below 70°C when this happens

When I'am on the desktop or browsing in the internet, everything is fine.

I've read in the nvidia forum, it should've been fixed with a driver update, i got the newest one, the driver version 375.65 , the problem is still there.


I used the DDU to clean install the newest driver, the problem is also still there but seems to appear a bit less then before.

is there maybe a bios which can fix this issue for me or maybe other solutions?

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