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15" Acer 5750G + GTX750Ti@4Gbps+c-mPCIe2 (PE4C 3.0) + Win7 [Droofdd]

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Hi !

First of all, thank you for all the informations posted around the forum and to this great community !


So, here is my succesful setup :

  • Notebook 15" Acer Aspire 5750G
  • Intel Core i5-2450M

  • 15.6" HD LED LCD

  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM

  • Windows 7 64bit

  • Nvidia GeForce GT 630M (dGPU)

  • Intel HD Graphics 3000 (iGPU)

  • Gygabite Windforce GTX 750 TI OC2 2GB DDR5 RAM (eGPU)

  • PE4C-PM060A V3.0 Gen3 (mPCIe)

  • Segotep SG-D600 (ATX power supply)

  • eGPU Setup 1.3 (Tech Inferno Fan)


Some pictures first to show the hardware setup : http://postimg.org/gallery/i20gkbj6/


Hardware installation was easy.

TIP : Although a great adapter build, DO NOT force cables, slots etc... Have patience !


As you can see in the pictures, I had some trouble :

  • cable direction is right towards mouse
  • I had to cut a piece from my laptop to make room around mPCIe slot
  • improvised higher stand for laptop to make room for the cable
  • did not figure out how to make a confortable DYI case, yet


eGPU setup 1.3  :

  • check all hardaware is connected and ATX is set ON
  • boot into BIOS > set video from "switchable" to "integrated"
  • reboot
  • boot into DYI Setup 1.3
  • choose 3rd option with menu-based
  • startup.bat > Reset
  • Chainloader > use mbr
  • PCIe ports > hot reset port > nvidia
  • PCIe ports > Gen2 link > nvidia (you should see a change in the right table : the alloc size goes from 128 to 512)
  • PCIe compactation > endpoint > 56 25GB 36bit
  • PCIe compactation > Run compact > eGPU > none
  • startup.bat > test run
  • chainloader > test run > win7


Benchmark :

  • internal display used
  • CPU hyperthreading enabled
  • 3dmark might be inaccurate due to the warning from pictures
  • GPU-z confirms x2 link speed
  • Currently I play WOT, GTA 5 and they work flawless with at least high settings


All in all, it does the trick and I am very satisfied with it.

Most important, Acer temperature problem disappeared.

On load, now I have max 55 Celsius on CPU and 44 Celsius on eGPU.


Good luck !


Last edit :

Just some update on what I have noticed.


1. On every boot you should :

  • go to DYI eGPU Setup
  • choose "menu-based" option
  • PCIe ports > Gen2 link > nvidia (you should see a change in the right table : the alloc size goes from 128 to 512)
  • startup.bat > test run
  • chainloader > test run > win7
  • I always open Device Manager and GPU-Z to see if any problems occur


I do this because the gen 2 link retraining is neccesary every time.


2. Sometimes my laptop kind of "forgets" about the eGPU. Not sure why, but rarely happens.


To check if eGPU is still functional do this :

  • check Device Manager for any problems on display
  • open GPU-Z
    • you might notice some of the options/informations are grayed out
    • if so, go to Device Manager and disable/enable eGPU display.
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I have the same laptop. (my version is 5750 without dgpu)

Happy to see somebody with the same model. Now I'm not using my egpu because a faulty mpcie cable. 
Usually I got some 43 erros, than I discovered about my faulty cable. I bought a new one, than I'll post my full experience here.

My specs
Acer 5750
i7 2630qm

GTX750 Ti 2GB OC



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  • 2 weeks later...

Latest news :


I managed to damage my PSU with ...water :))

Luckly, PE4C and 750 Ti ar still working. (tested with other PSU)


I see on nvidia site and other sites that benchmark/test stuff that 750 Ti uses ~70 W.


Soo, can I buy a PSU with under 400 W ? (Logically yes, but ..)


Can you suggest a cheap model from here ? http://www.emag.ro/surse-pc/filter/putere-sursa-w-f72,sub-500-v66/sort-priceasc/c


Thank you guys !

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Note that low-wattage PSUs tend to also have terrible power quality and voltage ripple.


That, and are probably safety hazards.


If you must buy a low-wattage PSU, find a used Delta PSU on your local classifieds. They sometimes come as part of a prebuilt low-power system. You should be able to find a 280W one.


But at that point you might as well just spend the extra $10 or whatever and get a decent used Coolermaster or Antec.

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@Arbystrider :


Thank you for your advice.
Now I have a really old PSU I borrowed with 350 W, ATX 1, no power ON/OFF switch :))

Those from that site are cheap, low power, but in their description I find lots of protections.
I will see when I will get some money.

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Hello guys! thanks for sharing your experience with this awesome project :)
may I ask some help to get this working? I have an acer 5755G, different model than yours, but they have same BIOS so it should work the same. I have a intel i5-2450M and GT-630m

I'm running akbar's mod bios 1.21, which gives me more control on settings, and I thought that with it I could easily get eGPU working. well, it wasn't true.

I'm trying with a 500w PSU, the GDC beast mPCIe and a GTX650.

I'm not using nando's software and I'm writing here to understand if it would solve my problems, since you may have had same ones without setup 1.30, or I can solve without buying it

As I boot with pci plugged screen stays black and gpu fan start spinning at mid speed.

if I boot win10 and hotplug pci it disables trackpad and keyboard, but system works. I can use windows with a usb mouse. but still no gpu recognized, though its fan start to spin at full power (?)

now...I have lots of settings in my bios, I tried to play but nothing works. can you please help me?  thank you in advance.

I'm asking because pay for a useless software wouldn't be nice :) I will buy it if works for me

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@Alex.sg91 : Hi !

Sorry for late reply. I did not get e-mail notifications.

I know akbar bios and I think I also have it installed. Not sure though.
For me, Nando software is useful for compactation and setting Gen2 speed on eGPU port and works flawlessly.

Without it, it wouldn't work as I would get error 12 (resources) and DSDT override is complicated.
Usually. when you boot, you should come to choose between windows and eGPU setup.
But, you seem to have problems even before that.


When you boot with eGPU plugged, can you even get to bios ?
If not, I am not sure what advice I should tell you.
I did not modify settings in BIOS. I installed a custom one only to see if I can overcome heating problems and modify fan speed, but this is another story.
In BIOS I only set Integrated on video mode or something so dGPU is disabled.

Did you do any major modifications in BIOS ?

Trackpad and keyboard disabled might suggest a major BIOS modifications and resources cannot be allocated to them.


Maybe you could try with official Acer BIOS and see if the booting works properly.


If not, probably GDC adapter is faulty.
When I got to eGPU, I wanted to make a sure investment and went for Nando's advice and got my adapter from hwtools.net.

In the future, please use @mynick , as I might get notifications on email.

Good luck !

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