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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, I recently upgraded my M15x with a i7 920XM and a GTX 780M. Flashed the modified vbios, got a 330W brick, pulled the pin, installed newest drivers and did some gaming. Everything worked pretty well, only sometimes the 780M reached 93C and clocked down, but still ran stable, never crashed. Therefore I decided to get a finer TIM and repaste. Bought the Noctua NT-H1, carefully repasted and voila, temps dropped around 15C. But here comes the catch: when trying Furmark or some very intensive game, the GPU reaches 88C and screen immediately turns a random color. No downclocking, no limiting, just a sudden crash. Only thing I can do is a hard reset. This doesnt happen on any other occasion, can game on 80C for an hour. Do you guys have any sort of idea why the laptop crashes at 88C, while before it worked at 90+ without a problem? Things I tried: Used DDU and reinstalled the drivers, also tried older version. CMOS reset. Cleaned everything, no dust left anywhere. Carefully checked the GPU for any visible damage or old TIM residue. Tried undervolting and underclocking, only took longer to get to 88C and still crashed. For the sake of it I actually strapped a Corsair H45 AIO to the GPU heatsink. Now i get to max 55C with furmark, but the laptop still cashes after around 2 minutes. I would be happy for any suggestion, thanks!
  2. Hi all, I have the following setup: early 2015 rMBP 13" Win 8.1 on external SSD akitio thunder2 + gtx1060 6gb 400W gold PSU, with a 4pin EPS remade to barrel for the akitio, and a 6pin VGA into my GTX1060 external HDMI monitor connected to eGPU Beyond the usual booting trouble, everytime I go into Windows and want to utilise the eGPU, whether by just displaying my external monitor in control panel or running benchmark apps like unigine, a black screen occurs. Windows boots up with only my internal display showing, and control panel is able to reflect the name of my 2nd monitor properly. However if I ever try to switch to extend/duplicate/2nd screen only, Windows crashes. I know it has crashed because the light on the caps lock key wont toggle when I press it. The only thing I can do at this point is force shut down. In device manager, Windows shows my GTX 1060 just fine and even shows its status as "working properly". Yet, I cant utilise my eGPU. I have the v327.54 geforce drivers already installed. I also tried v327.70 to no avail. The only time anything ever appeared on my external display during this eGPU thing (like, ever) is a flash of a white screen on both internal and external displays, before the macbook/windows crashes. I have tried restarting countless times, either plugging thunderbolt cable in from cold boot or only when the windows insignia shows. I am clueless as to what's wrong. Does anyone have any idea? I will greatly appreciate it!!
  3. Hi everyone! As described in the title I have a 1) MBP (mid-2012) connected to an 2) Akitio Thunder2 which holds a 3) GTX 750 TI SC. Further specs are: HARDWARE 4) Original Apple TB-Cable 5) new PSUs 5.a) 120 WATT 5.b) 150WATTS 6) various LCD-Displays 6.a) 1280x1024 6.b) 1920x1080 6.c) 1600x1200 6.d) three 1600x1200 at the same time SOFTWARE 7) latest NVIDIA-Driver (346.03.15f02) 8) automate-eGPU.sh v0.9.8 9) MAC OS X, El Capitan 10.11.6 FURTHER INFO 1) I have the MBP in clamshell mode 2) so external monitor(s) is/are the main screen… not the MBP 3) startup is running without any problems THE ISSUE 1) MBP crashes 2) at random events 3) even at low performance... browsing in chrome or anything else normal 4) yes gaming works but also crashes… which is not surprising because 3) 5) all of the configurations mentioned above are not stable 6) even with a small monitor and the 150 WATT PSU 7) Also no difference with three 1600x1200 displays and a 120 WATT or 150 WATT PSU. Also unstable. MY QUESTION(S) 1) So what am I missing here? 2) Any pointers? Many thanks in advance! Bazzinga
  4. Just like the title says, I cant get the driver to install. I'm on Windows 10 x64 release 160906. The card works in 1920 x 1080 with the windows vga drivers. I've disabled driver signing, I'm in test mode. I've tried the nvidia driver versions, 365.19, 372.54, 372.70, 372.90. With modded inf's for each from laptopvideo2go.com They all start the install, but when it gets to the driver install, the screen goes black for about 30 seconds, then the computer just reboots. The drivers don't get installed. I've seen a bunch of threads around about Windows 8, but nothing that seems to answer for windows 10. Is there something that I'm missing to get the drivers installed? Update, found this thread. I got the drivers installed following the directions, but after rebooting back into normal mode, the computer just reboots. I see the windows logo, screen goes black, then after about 30 seconds, it just reboots. This was using the 372.90 and inf files from the thread.
  5. Hello everyone, This is my first topic here, but I've been a regular poster at NotebookReview. I've recently begun to observe speckling and 'after images' of text, and the user interface in very GPU-intensive games on my W230SS running a GTX 860M. This effect is especially obvious in The Witcher 3, and slightly less so in GTA V, and I've got a video of the phenomenon: https://goo.gl/HthfEo I used my mobile phone, because the phenomenon does not appear in ShadowPlay video capture. I've tried downgrading GPU drivers, upgrading GPU drivers, completely removing drivers, downclocking, undervolting, overclocking, overvolting - nothing has helped. I even tried plugging in my laptop to my TV to see if it was an issue with my screen rather than the GPU, but the speckling still appears on my TV. Have you guys got any idea what's causing this?
  6. The essence of the case. I have a laptop Lenovo x230t tablet 12.5 "Touch HD i7-3520M 2.9Ghz 16Gb 250Gb SSD Win7 Pro. Item model number X230t. Processor 2.90 GHz Intel Core i7 I bought a video card Gigabyte NVidia GTX 970 and for him EXP graphic displaycard Beast Install the drivers supplied with the video card, and then download the new drivers and reinstall them. Device Manager windows sees both cards and built and installed the discrete. It defines them as functional. After installing the driver there were two panel settings Gigabyte_OC_GURU, GeForceExperience And the problems begin .... ((((( Launch settings panel nvidia, an error "crash nvidia control panel application 8.0.760.0" The signature of a problem: Event Name the problem: APPCRASH Application Name: nvcplui.exe Application Version: 8.0.760.0 The time stamp applications: 5414b78f The name of the module with an error: nvcplui.exe Module Version error: 8.0.760.0 The time stamp module error: 5414b78f Exception code: 40000015 Offset exceptions: 00000000001c86b5 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Language code: 1049 Additional Information 1: 2c72 2 For more information: 2c723d80b9da5141cfaf23219eceb812 For more information, 3: 3c38 For more information, 4: 3c38e557a5c0fe5d129254087b723f77 Click "search for a solution to the Internet", but the window is closed and the silence. Two other utilities Gigabyte_OC_GURU, GeForceExperience not react to the launch What to do? Please advice and assistance
  7. Hello, I have slv7's Vbios installed. I've had it installed for a while (months) and have had no problems. Recently within the past 3 days every time I start my computer, after everything boots up and loads about 30 seconds later the GPU fan ramps up all the way and the computer freezes and then the screen flashes and then comes back on and says my display driver has crashed after that happens everything runs normal for the rest of the time I have the computer running. I'll upload the exact Vbios I'm using. I do NOT own it**** Nvidia GTX 780m - 'OC edition' - rev02.zip Here are my specs - Alienware 17, i7 4800mq, gtx 780m, 16gb ram, 3d screen. other possibly useful information - Driver I am running 347.52 (have tried other to correct the problem with no luck) I have messed around with nvidia inspector and MSI afterburner I have over clocked further that the Vbios does for a short period of time (but I ran an external fan while I overclocked) Let me know If you need any other, Thanks!
  8. I have a Lenovo y510p laptop (750m sli) with windows 8.1 operation system and 8gb ram. (vbios updated). Maybe a year ago -when I had windows 7- it started to freeze (black screen) when I play games with SLI and I had to manual restart the computer. Now I have windows 8.1 operation system but the problem is the same, only the game stops with error message and the realtek driver says that "A jack has been plugged in" (??). I also have a problem with the sound system. Sometimes the left speaker is quieter then the right one and if I increase the volume to maximum then back, it works well again. (windows 7, 8, ubuntu) I have 170W adapter so it can't cause the problem. Yesterday I update the system bios from 3.05 to 3.08 and the the sli problem is nearly gone. The game sometimes start fps drop (and I hear the gpu fan go down) but it isn't crash or freeze. The sound problem has not appeard since. I wanted to bring back it to the lenovo service but I don't know what to do now. Does anybody have a changelog for the system bios update since 3.05?
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