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  1. The essence of the case. I have a laptop Lenovo x230t tablet 12.5 "Touch HD i7-3520M 2.9Ghz 16Gb 250Gb SSD Win7 Pro. Item model number X230t. Processor 2.90 GHz Intel Core i7 I bought a video card Gigabyte NVidia GTX 970 and for him EXP graphic displaycard Beast Install the drivers supplied with the video card, and then download the new drivers and reinstall them. Device Manager windows sees both cards and built and installed the discrete. It defines them as functional. After installing the driver there were two panel settings Gigabyte_OC_GURU, GeForceExperience And the problems begin .... ((((( Launch settings panel nvidia, an error "crash nvidia control panel application 8.0.760.0" The signature of a problem: Event Name the problem: APPCRASH Application Name: nvcplui.exe Application Version: 8.0.760.0 The time stamp applications: 5414b78f The name of the module with an error: nvcplui.exe Module Version error: 8.0.760.0 The time stamp module error: 5414b78f Exception code: 40000015 Offset exceptions: 00000000001c86b5 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Language code: 1049 Additional Information 1: 2c72 2 For more information: 2c723d80b9da5141cfaf23219eceb812 For more information, 3: 3c38 For more information, 4: 3c38e557a5c0fe5d129254087b723f77 Click "search for a solution to the Internet", but the window is closed and the silence. Two other utilities Gigabyte_OC_GURU, GeForceExperience not react to the launch What to do? Please advice and assistance
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