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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there. I've got Windows 10 installed on my P150EM in one of my SSD and installed all the drivers that it required, but the THX software doesn't change the sound output. The software registers as usual and it detects de sound driver and all, but all the settings i change on the software doesn't change anything in the sound. I' got windows 7 installed on other SSD and on that OS, the THX works as it should be. Is there any new version of the program or some new driver for windows 10 to make it work again? Thanks in advance
  2. (First thread on the forum! I recently purchased the Zalman ZM MIC1 for recording videos, instead of an external condenser attachment for my ipod. I read the reviews and listened to numerous audio samples from this microphone. All of them seem pretty clear and noise-free. The only problem is that with my computer, the microphone has a HUGE background humm, along with a very large amount of static. I would like to know if this is a problem with the Y500's sound card, a problem with the microphone, or just a software setting I missed. Here are some links: The Micriophone with a good audio test: Amazon.com:*Customer Reviews: Zalman Zm-Mic1 High Sensitivity Headphone Microphone My test Microphone test.mp3 with the following settings in control panel: 100% volume, +20dB microphone boost, and DC offset cancellation. My Realtek Settings and information (Note some of the missing options): EDIT: I tested this microphone on some crappy Toshiba, and there is pretty much no static. It had a 24dB gain on it, and it sounded very good. So what I'm thinking is that the soundcard in the Y500 either doesn't have good specs, or that the "noise removal" feature on the toshiba (which was enabled) is non-existent on the lenovo. Other discovery: After installing different versions for the type of sound card I have, I still have yet to find any options for enabling a noise suppression effect. Realtek says that my card supports it, but it never appears in any option, in windows nor in Realtek. I really want to get this mic working, because I could use it for so much. I have also tested it with another microphone, and it does the exact same thing, and the static sounds identical.
  3. Hello there, just wanna ask for some advice because i have no idea wha to do... 1 year ago i bought m17xr5 laptop (2013 model) with sound was everything without problem. But 3 days ago i installed last drivers from Dell support page and after this i lost my bass in songs, games etc... Have no idea what happened, because i tried install again back my old drivers - same problem. From old WIN x64 US ultimate tried install W8.1 Pro - still same problem (checked with windows default drivers, checked with last driver for 8.1). So i looked at some pages and found this: ePSA http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3517/p/19351382/19768710#19768710 So i tried this through epsa, everything was ok, but when i tried check that choice "perform quick audio check" so i did not hear any beep sound. The weird is in windows i can normal listen music, play games or watch movies, but i still without bass. Is subwoofer btw in this model of laptop or not? 'cause i downloaded owner's manual and i found just how to remove speakers but no subwoofer. In settings for sound i've got normal Realtek High Definition Audio - configuration - stereo, because if i try 5.1 settings i can hear just left and right speaker but subwoofer no. I've got the latest driver from Dell Support pages, i checked settings in Windows drivers, Dolby, and Realtek. Still same. Yesterday i listened some music through YouTube on Lenovo laptop of my friend, she's got Dolby Home Theatre V4 btw (on W7 i had this too, in 8.1 is Dolby Home Plus - problem was on W7 and on 8.1 too) and that sound was soo natural. Not flat without life if u know what i mean. I can hear perfect voices but that drums are so flat... (cannot better explain, i tried check equalizer in Windows Media Player and Dolby - it's still same) http://jpeg.cz/images/2014/09/13/cwIkg.jpg http://jpeg.cz/images/2014/09/13/aj8AL.jpg http://jpeg.cz/images/2014/09/13/fKSHu.jpg http://jpeg.cz/images/2014/09/13/5VYqW.jpg http://jpeg.cz/images/2014/09/13/WIxfh.jpg Sorry just for links, i wanted insert here some thumbnails, but dunno how And btw nothing from this doesn't explain, why i don't hear in ePSA that beep sounds P.S. And something new, when i listen some music and pause it, after play again that sound is like without some equalizer, completely without life. So i don't know.... I guess so i've got problems with drivers, but in this case, i am confused, why through ePSA i can't hear that beep sounds
  4. Huhu First of all: I had bday. :Banane13:I'd got an impressive and confusing 5.1 System by Teufel!! (exactly this, yes) Well: Confusing 'cause the Center and the Front Left one Speaker won't work. Do i MUST have an extra soundcard to get it all work? And why seemed it to be? I'm really new to this.. before i had only 2.1 but i want to get a class higher so please recommend what to do here
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