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  1. hi would just like to thank @svl7 again and would like to show him a screenshot of my lastest 3dmark scores. thanks again Svl
  2. I hope this Vbios dose not get linked or leaked anywhere else. I found this site looking for a titan vbios and found one that has worked beyond my expectations! it was not hard to find and I cannot imagine how long this took svl7 to create. I have now looked at other work that svl7 has done and I am amazed. I tried most Vbios on OCN and they were ok to remove throttling and maybe a more stable OC but that was it with svl7 i have seen in all my benchmarks a great increase and during gameplay just feeling smoother at the same clock speeds. I will watch svl7's work closely and doubt i will ever use his one of vbios without donating to for his time and effort and that is what he deserves IMO and wont get that if his vbios wasn't here. thanks again @svl7
  3. MY ROUND! just flashed with your bios and beat my Valley score by 100+ my old highest was in the 3120's mark. thank you svl7 enjoy your beers! - - - Updated - - - that wasn't even my highest clock speed my highest clock speed is 1188mhz on core and that was just my gaming clock 1100mhz! u r the man!
  4. is there any hardware mod guides out for the titan that explain the procedure and the risk involved?
  5. hi joker, when u say adjustable voltage do u mean being able to go past the 1.212v that is currently locked when u enter such things as kelper bios tweaker?
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