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  1. CoD511

    EVGA Titan Backplate FTW!

    So much agreed, these backplates just add that extra awesome! I was surprised though at how hot to touch they were overall after so many supposedly saying the memory would generate negligible heat. My babies below
  2. If it's not too much bother, that'd be great Because for example even, I've got a Titan that was bought second hand with a BIOS already flashed and thus don't have an original with the serial in it. If that could be rectified somehow with the tool (manual input option alternatively to basing upon the number present in BIOS currently?), that'd be great to say the least. Whether or not it'd affect RMA in the end, I've heard favourable things with EVGA replacing cards with modified BIOS, leaving a note saying they flashed the modified BIOS back to stock so it may not be necessary even, might not make a change in their acceptance or not. But it'd be nice to have one less variable pinned down either way An expansion on that idea to avoid requests of clock or voltage changes, might be to add functions to change those as well so people can do it from there without muddling the BIOS up with tools such as the current KBT. Just a few ideas either way, your work is appreciated much already!
  3. As far as I know, Nvidia doesn't release any BIOS related files directly to the community and if there any any updated ones released, it'll be done by ASUS, MSI or whoever the laptop manufacturer might be.
  4. To svl7, is it possible you could give us a hint where some hex newbies could look for and change the value for the serial number/relevant encoding for it? Just for a little extra insurance perhaps even if it weren't enough in the end if one had to RMA and couldn't flash back, hehe Having to re-install drivers after a BIOS flash isn't typically necessary but can happen. It shouldn't be anything to be worried about. It typically happens when you install a BIOS with a different vendor and other IDs, one matching your card makes it easier. I guess I'll wait since I have too little posts currently to try, it seems
  5. CoD511

    GTX Titan Overclocking Bios Mods

    A newbie who's honestly, just found out this community via this mod which seems truly amazing I've spent a lot of time and frustration trying to tweak the BIOS ROMs for my Titans and support is just too lacking

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