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  1. I simply hex edited svl7's bios to increase the voltage. I should thank him once again for his amazing work.
  2. Hello everyone. My R4's 680M temps barely go over 70C witn svl7's 1.050v bios, so i'm thinking I could push to 1.075v or 1.100v if u'd be so kind to provide a vbios. I'm attaching the stock vbios. Thanks in advance. AW_680M_STOCK.rom
  3. You can use it on Win7 but only with Optimus, it won't boot if you switch to dedicated mode. You need UEFI boot with Win8 to use dedicated mode, but then there are throttling issues. Basically 980m only works correctly with Optimus in the AW.
  4. Thanks, I've been using Win 8.1 for a long time and I like them so that's not a problem for me. Optimus hasn't caused me many problems except when not playing nice with a handful of games, so having the option to switch to dedicated with 8.1 is welcome but I've seen there are issues with throttling with the 980M when in dedicated mode.
  5. From what I've read so far, in my M17x R4 with Win 8.1, Optimus and a modded driver the 980M will work without issue including overclocking?
  6. Mine is a bit of a dud, needs 1.025v for 941mhz stable. I set it @ 915/2300 with 1.0v and it's been fine for over a year now. Max temp ~75C.
  7. Or look at Windows 10 Preview. They seem to have fixed a lot of what was wrong with Windows 8/8.1.
  8. Is it possible to have a modded vbios version of the Dell 680m with 1.012v? Just like the OV ones already made but with 1.012v instead. Thank you for the great work. Cheers.
  9. Is anyone else completety unable to overclock the GPU with the UEFI bios? On my M17x R4 with 680M the core wouldn't even boost to the stock 758mhz and was stuck at 715 mhz. Setting the clocks through Afterburner had no effect on the core clock but the vram would overclock like normal. I have reverted to svl7's modded bios that works like a charm.
  10. Can't you blindflash like on desktops?
  11. It's possible that the 1st 650M shares the same BIOS as the system while the 2nd has its own BIOS.
  12. On both my desktop (670 SLI) and laptop (680m) I don't see problems during gameplay with TressFX after the latest patch and drivers, but there is strong flickering and weird hair behavior in cutscenes.
  13. AFAIK Win8 has UEFI boot, while you probably had Legacy boot on Win7. Check the BIOS if there's a way to set the boot devices list for UEFI boot. There is one on my M17x but not sure about the GT70.
  14. I can get mine up to 928core/1100mem with the unlocked bios by svl7.
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