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  1. Hi! Unlocked bios can't help you to undervolt GPU.
  2. Hi! To reduce your temp, just disasembly laptop and change termal paste on CPU and GPU, and also clean fans from the dust. Unlocked vbios can't help you with undervolting and can't reduce GPU temp. Unlocked vbios can help you to overclock your graphic card, which on the contrary will increase the GPU temp.
  3. No, you sent me file 197754.rom from https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/197754/197754 But I asked your vbios dump from your card.
  4. Please tell me, did you read and understand my post? Ok, i repeat: "Post GPU-Z screenshot with error."
  5. I didn't asked vbios version. I asked your file stock vbios from your graphic card. You can prepare it by using GPU-Z utility, just run GPU-Z utility, and click on the small icon with arrow, and choice "Save to file".
  6. Hi! Post here your stock vbios or upload it into any fileserver and post link. Also, post here your screenshot in Nvidia Inspector utility.
  7. Ok. Your modified bios with unlocked MX110 vbios - done. I sent it to you in PM.
  8. Yes. Just wait a little bit, I'll prepare bios for you.
  9. Now run backup tool again, and send me new "results". I'll take a look, if now protection gone.
  10. No! Just press the "Enter" key after each command.
  11. On screenshot all looks like ok. Now that you have the GRUB console, you need to enter the following two commands: setup_var 0x963 0x0 setup_var 0xF66 0x0 After each command press Enter button. Please note: Your system may seem to lockup after you enter each of these commands. The first setup_var may never seem to finish. Give it a few minutes and if nothing happens, force-reboot the machine and redo step 4 to get back to the GRUB console. Once there, enter the second setup_var command and allow the same to happen. If nothing happens again, just give it a few minutes then force restart the machine. After you have done both of these commands restart the machine and boot into Windows as normal. Then run backup tool again, and send me new "results".
  12. Hi! Yes, but if you will enable Intel integrated graphic, then you will get blank/black screen.
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