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  1. Does anyone anyone have this A08 bios mod? I want to finally install it.
  2. Here is the mod for our bioses : Dell_Inspiron_3537_A08_ADV_Tempter.rar . ® BDMaster. Just copy the "modified" folder into C:\ HD root and open a Comand Prompt with Admin Rights getting a window C:\ then execute the FPTw (x32) or FPTw64 (x64) aligned to your Windows O.S. cd \ cd C:\modified fptw -f bios.bin -bios Or fptw64 -f bios.bin -bios P.S. to get working the FPT Tool You have to use It by Windows Desktop after Woke-Up the Laptop ! P.S.S i Have and error by installing it : Error 7: Hardware sequencing failed. Make sure that you have access to target flash area! Waiting for help!
  3. Hi. I have dell 3537 laptop with insyde bios A08. With hard work i took some interesting stuff from bios. Here is the link for my bios: 3537A08.exe Look at this: As you can see i have some hidden menus in bios.
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