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  1. Klem

    4700mq Overclocking

    Yes, with unlocked main system bios, you can set +200 MHz on your i7 4700mq.
  2. http://forum.techinferno.com/asus-gaming-notebook-forum/4638-overclocking-asus-g750jh-gtx780m-3.html
  3. Klem

    MSI G-Series Unlocked BIOS

    Yes. It`s possible. See your PM.
  4. Klem

    MSI G-Series Unlocked BIOS

    Put your backup of bios here or send me to my email.
  5. http://forum.techinferno.com/asus-gaming-notebook-forum/2538-%5Bg75vw%5D-modified-bios-vbios-higher-overclocking.html
  6. Klem

    AsusG75vw Upgrades

    I use intel 7260ac on 2,4 GHz and have the same problem. I tryed 2 different laptop and both have this issue. I tryed all intel drivers, but it no solved. In internet very much guys have the same problem with 7260ac.
  7. You need just to flash ultrabay card with modded bios too.
  8. Klem

    MSI G-Series Unlocked BIOS

    Atomizer "The update.bat file runs the AFUDOS.exe with the particular BIOS ROM file, i.e. AFUDOS ms_gx740.rom /p /b /n with AFUDOS from a different BIOS folder should give me the right flash?" Yes, that right.
  9. 1. Extract the contents of the Fixmykb.rar file to your bootable USB flash drive. Once you have booted off the USB drive, simply type fixmykb and you should see a flash completion screen immediately. Remove the flash drive and power down the system. 2. Wait ten seconds and then power up the system and enter Windows. Once in Windows, turn on the lights with the switch button and you should have a backlit keyboard now, use FN+F4 to brighten the keyboard or FN+F3 to dim it. 3. Now just in case this did not work then reboot the system and wait until you are in Windows, press FN+F4 a couple of times and the keyboard should be backlit now. 4. If after all steps the lights are not working by now, please reinstall the ATK drivers again.
  10. When you flashed videobios correctly you will see in the window Nvidia Inspector in right side of the number BIOS, inscription "modified".
  11. Klem

    MSI GE70 - Upgrade CPU

    Yes, you can upgrade your GE70 from i5 to all model i7 (2 and 3 generation).
  12. Place here your screenshot GPU-Z and Nvidia Inspector from your ultrabay card after flashing mod bios.
  13. Ok. This is mod with stock frequency.
  14. No, you flash correctly. We need some more experiments. Mail me.
  15. Send to my mail or put here your videobios and i set this voltage for you.
  16. Put the folder with this program and files directly on the drive C: and after running the command prompt, navigate to this folder (command cd), and only then starts the bat. If say short, you need to perform bat and other programs from your folders with them. C:\Windows\system32 cd.. C:\Windows\ cd.. C:\ cd "name of your folder with files" C:\name of your folder with files\backup.bat Enter Good luck!
  17. If someone wants videobios with increasing core frequency or memory frequency or some increasing voltage, please contact me in PM.
  18. New unlocked vbios for sli 650M ultrabay card. And for sli 750M ultrabay card.
  19. And why do not you look into the thread of ASUS? There is everything you need. http://forum.techinferno.com/asus-gaming-notebook-forum/4638-overclocking-asus-g750jh-gtx780m-3.html - - - Updated - - - If you post here your file videobios we can try to help you.
  20. Klem

    Asus G75VW Cpu Overcloking

    This statement is true. But! It does not apply to gaming laptops. This notebook is equipped excellent cooling system that can easily handle any overclocking.
  21. Klem

    Overclocking ASUS G750JH GTX780M

    Way, you get P9047 (grafic only) scores in 2011! Very nice result!

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