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  1. Yea, may be you are right! String on the photo does not seems sharp.
  2. Klem

    ASUS g46vw msata recognition

    What the mSATA SSD do you use? Are you tried to update to the last firmware?
  3. Klem

    Gtx 870m overclocking..

    Just use Nividia inspector to overclock your card, and all be ok.
  4. For dual channel 2400x8x2=19200x2=38400. I think, with your 4940MX, Aida64 will show around 35000 MB/s for read, around 37000 for write, and around 33000 for copy. Post please, stock dump.
  5. Thanks. This is the newest Hynix chips H5TC4G83DFR-PBA. Nice result for so-dimm DDR3L. Can you post here SPD dump from Taiphoon Burner? You run 2400, with what timings? With 1.35V voltage? Are this settings is stable? Try test it on the 2400 with program TM5. TM5 link: http://testmem.tz.ru/tm5.rar<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  6. What the memory chips use on your HyperX impact 4gb DDR3L?
  7. Klem

    GTX 880M 8GB on GT70

  8. Mod vbios for MSI GTX 880M, based on your stock vbios. MSI.GTX880M.8192.131219.zip
  9. Where you saw that I told that Ivy faster than Haswell? We speak only about the memory controler! That the memory controler in Ivy a little faster than in Haswell. Read article more attentively. Quote from article:"....Yet we can notice that, despite Intel’s efforts, the Haswell’s memory controller is a little slower than the one we had in the previous-generation LGA1155 configurations with Ivy Bridge CPUs. The practical memory bandwidth is almost the same but the Haswell’s memory latency is 9% higher. That’s the tradeoff of the asynchronous design..."
  10. http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m17x-aw-17/9548-alienware-17-r2-2015-a.html
  11. Just look this: http://forum.techinferno.com/clevo/3119-%5Bbios-vbios-mods%5D-prema-mod-stock.html
  12. Just look here: http://forum.techinferno.com/clevo/3119-%5Bbios-vbios-mods%5D-prema-mod-stock.html
  13. Klem

    GTX960M +135Mhz OC - any way to go further?

    Standard GT860M also OC is limited to +135Mhz. It is standard NVIDIA limit for GPU core. About unlock i sent you email.
  14. Klem

    GT60 ONC (MS-16F3) upgrade : 770M or 870M?

    :haha:No, thanks. Unlocked E1763IM7.50V in Zippyshare.com Zippyshare.com - bios.rar
  15. Klem

    Gtx 870m overclocking..

    Yea, this vbios is still valid. And of course if your laptop any Clevo or Sager (with GTX 870M), then you can use this mod vbios.
  16. Klem

    GT60 ONC (MS-16F3) upgrade : 770M or 870M?

    Virus? No, i think it is just mistake of website RGhost. Ok, i put your bios to another website: http://files.webfile.ru/353a075d69a8f269dbf5390e60e2e3b3 Tell me please why you send me link to your backup of bios, if you was planed to change version of your bios? I just wasted my time.
  17. Klem

    GT60 ONC (MS-16F3) upgrade : 770M or 870M?

    This is for you. http://files.webfile.ru/353a075d69a8f269dbf5390e60e2e3b3
  18. Klem

    Gtx 870m overclocking..

    Yes, your score is normal for stock vbios.
  19. Klem

    GT60 ONC (MS-16F3) upgrade : 770M or 870M?

    Just use the nice program fptw64 (for Windows) Command: fptw64 -d backup.bin -bios Also you can use this instruction: http://forum.techinferno.com/general-notebook-discussions/4635-bios-vbios-modification-request-thread-svl7.html
  20. If you want overclock GPU more then 135mhz, then the best way modify bios. In your case vbios is a part of main system bios. I think in this thread this is offtopic.
  21. Just download program MSI Afterburner or NVIDIA Inspector and overclock your card.
  22. No, in the first page of this thread are placed vbios 860M for Dell card. But your laptop is MSI. I have done for you mod vbios for MSI 860M. Just flash it. MSI860M.zip
  23. From first page: "Nvidia GTX 880m (8GB version only): 'OC edition' -> unlocked overclocking limits, voltage adjustable, power target adjustable, optimized performance at higher clocks Can be used for all current 880m (Clevo, MSI and Dell)."
  24. Klem

    GT60 ONC (MS-16F3) upgrade : 770M or 870M?

    No, for unlock i need your native backup of bios, from your laptop(not from manufacturers website).

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