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  1. If I re-build my RAID, I will have to format my disks or do I lose any information in them?
  2. Does this mod fix the AMD7970M fan keep working after exiting a game? Just installed this mod and I got some problems. I have a Clevo P170EM, I had the stock BIOS version 1.02.12 EC and 1.02.14 BIOS if I'm not mistaken. I have a RAID 0 setup with 2 SSD. When I boot my PC the BIOS stops on the screen where it should show my system information (CPU, memory, devices, etc). It is responsive to the F2 command to enter the BIOS setup but it takes some minutes to actually do anything, after a while it resumes to its normal way. Also noticed some delay on Windows 7 loading, like 10 secs more. Do you know what could be wrong?
  3. aknl

    League of Legends

    Yeah some people take games to seriously and forget that at some point they were in the other side. Other times they really are 12yo kids and on the Internet they are the "big shots"
  4. It could also be that the game is using the integrated gfx from intel (if you have it) and thus reducing your fps. Otherwise it could be as Ninjahunter said and you have Vsync on. Also check if you have the last Nvidia drivers installed.
  5. I would like to have a key and since many of you are offering keys I guess the first to PM me gets rid of one
  6. aknl

    Tomb Raider 2013

    You should be able to play it smoothly, just don't expect to run with maximum settings on I got a i7-3820QM and 7970M and I got like 35 +/- fps on the benchmark
  7. Good job Prema Been following your posts on NBR since they seem to be a reliable source of information regarding Clevo notebooks. I got some questions regarding your mods: 1. Actually I have the version 11.0.0.XXXX (don't remember which is now :S). Do you know if this version has TRIM for raid 0? 2. With this mod is possible to make other RAID types other than 0? Thanks in advance and keep the good work
  8. Hello there I found this forum through Prema's Bios Mods posts on NBR. I hope to find useful information on this forum and some day help someone in need
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