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  1. Yikes 419€ was a bit more than I was hoping! Let's see if Akitio can do any better.
  2. I used one for my first eGPU. I bought a 203W to mini adapter from eBay for about £3 which allowed me to leave the XBOX PSU entirely intact.
  3. Interesting, especially as I don't know of any GB laptops with TB3. Maybe for their Brix series, which have recently been announced with TB3 support. Certainly hoping for nicer pricing than the Razer enclosure, anyway.
  4. Yes, the pricing is absurd. Hopefully this is only because it's first to market and they can charge the premium and it's not Intel's meddling. Let's hope BPLUS and Atiko can step up and create some competition.
  5. In all honestly, best way of getting > [email protected] out of TB3 is with an eGPU that supports it, as new standards and resolutions come along, just upgrade the GPU, which you can certainly afford in that circumstance.
  6. I am the one who investigated the USB port, the best way to use it is a powered hub with the power lines cut on the cable going to the hub.
  7. Does your issue seem to mirror this? if so, changing the PSU I was using for the eGPU fixed the issue.
  8. 2016 is going to be year of the eGPU, calling it now. Loving seeing these enclosures. Now all that remains to be seen is cross connectivity. And if any SFF notebooks with Quad Core appear
  9. I read somewhere we would be able to make our own articles, I was planning on writing one about the progression of technology, is this feature somewhere hiding or did it not make it in the end?
  10. The Thunderbolt Twitter Chat happened, and here is a summary of important points and I'd say they look good: Yes, internal LCD mode will work! Yes, they will be certifying empty chassis!
  11. I just hope Intel allow non-populated eGPU enclosures so we don't see insane markups on GPUs.
  12. Spent an hour this morning farting around trying to get my eGPU working on Win 10 on my 2570p, 750Ti wouldn't show up at all, 7750 installed but error 12'd. Plugged the 750Ti into my old Precision m6300 with Win7, a C2D, and dedicated GPU, and it worked on external mode first time. Just a shame the C2D is rather old, and Gen1 makes for a not much better FPS than using the onboard, significantly worse GPU.
  13. Good news! (for some). According to the twitter, the new Dell XPS machines are certified.
  14. Sadly it's not as simple as that. It will be down to the UEFI and whatnot, I mean in theory all notebooks with a mPCIE slot, or ExpressCard should work, they have PCI-E lane, but look, we have the EGPU Setup program, having to faff about with TOLUDs, and whatnot. I imagine EGPU-Ready will mean it will all work perfectly with plug and play, whereas non certified machine may require more messing about to get working.
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