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  1. I would suggest a basic machine which can run multiple virtual machines. Any quad core i5 (Sandy or Ivy) which is not a K (perhaps i5-2500). You do not need to OC and you want the better virturalization support. Throw in a motherboard (perhaps Z77) and use the iGP of the CPU to drive your displays. This should run you $250 or less. Throw in a case, a 8GB kit of RAM (whichever is onsale), and a OS,
  2. AHCI supports TRIM. I tend to suggest to most people running mechanical drives and do not hot-swap to stick with IDE. No real difference in speed. So use which ever you want so long as it detects the drive properly.
  3. I have used/installed close to 8 H50s and one H60. There is no audible pump noises other than the water which is running through the tubing. In terms of Corsair's products and RMA service, I would rank them high. I've gotten replacement RAM and I've only sent one H50 back since it began to leak. However, it was most likely due to the user as that individual attempt to bend the tubing to allow for the radiator to fit in a tight spot.
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