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  1. Is there a way that i could perform this update with a bootable USB key instead? I would really like to get that modded bios, but don't want to do re-install windows 7 only for this purpose...
  2. Ok i tried to flash, but it am getting this error: Press any key to continue . . . C:\Flash_Tool>fptw64.exe -f BIOS.ROM -bios Intel ® Flash Programming Tool. Version: Copyright © 2007 - 2012, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. PMXUtil: Error during PMX Call: idrvdll.dll!IDRVInit(): Failed VerAddVersion() c all Error 284: Fail to load driver (PCI access for Windows). Tool needs to run with an administrator priviledge account. I am running the cmd.exe as administrator, and even flagged the fptw64.exe to run with administrative privileges... I am running this on Windows 8 Pro x64... why am i getting this?
  3. Hi everyone, I am new around here, and i think i am already starting to love this place. I would like to get your opinions on those CPU stand alone watercooling solutions. I own 2 of them, an H80 (which i am awaiting an RMA because pump failed) and a brand new, uninstalled H100i. Now, i got all sorts of problems with the Corsair Link commander and cooling node, because i am using Windows 8, and it's not officialy supported at Corsair. But beside the fact that the software is full of bugs and feels like it's still an alpha product, it has potential. Now, as for the H-series cooler, how many of you here got those type of coolers, and did you ever had problems with them, like the pump humming that makes everyone go RMA since it's supposed to be silent, and Corsair blames it on power supplies with 12V rails that supply over 12.2v... How many of you never had any problems with their coolers, and how many of you RMA'd them? I am awaiting my Rampage IV Extreme out of RMA to install the new H100i inside my PC, but, i would like to get people's opinion over this, beside at the Corsair forums, where people are biased about the product and if you go negative on them, they start to flame you... What do you think of the overall quality of those H-series cooler?
  4. I tried those new 310.54 on my 7720, but playing the new Need for Speed Most Wanted, i was set down to 10fps at 1080p... with the 310.33 i had like 45-50fps... had to rollback to 310.33 to confirm that something is wrong with the 310.54 on NFS:MW... i wonder what... Maybe the fact that i am using Windows 8?
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