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  1. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know my performance tweak with the modified bios. I've upped the short duration time for the cpu from the default 28 seconds to 56 seconds (the max the bios allows me to enter), i've upped the max wattage for the short duration timer from 46 to 56 watts, and changed the max watts for the long duration from 56 to 60. I did some tests and the settings seem to have stuck (confirmed with throttlestop) and performance seems a lil better, but it could just be a placebo If anyone has any ideas of anything else to tweak in the bios for more preformance i'd be happy to test
  2. Hi Svl7, Have you had a chance to look over the photos I post, Do you know of anything we can tweak for better performance? I'm willing to test and post back results Thanks
  3. Could be overheating, check your temps and make sure you are not blocking the vents.
  4. that would be a problem since this bios modifies the vbios for a 660m, i would not install
  5. I would like a bios with a lil tweak for voltage, I run mine at 1250/[email protected] 1.10 mV 1.15mV should bring it to 1300 at least
  6. I read somewhere the GDDR5 in the 660m is rated as high as 3000mhz, I would not recomend anything higher as overclocking the memory offers little increase, this gpu is definitely core bound
  7. It really depends on the program IMO, messing with the bios isn't worth it if you can push it to max with software. Nvidia Inspector uses very little resources, and you can make a shortcut to apply the overclock when you need it only. I re-applied the thermal paste on my cpu/gpu and my temps are a lot better (it used to hit 105*c overclocked and throttle the cpu/gpu) I now max out around 80-81*c, ~65*c with my custom laptop cooler. (mini fridge tray with 3x120m fans on the back) 1300gpu crashes my gpu, so I use 1250gpu/3000mem as my everyday overclock. - - - Updated - - - yes, I have, make sure your bios is 8.01 and follow the instructions svl7 made in the first post. Works like a charm
  8. ;0 You can use nvidia inspector to over clock as much as you want with the modded vbios, I have mine at 1250/3000 (1500) and it works perfect
  9. Basically updating your Bios back to the original without seeing anything on the screen 'blind' You will have to figure out the correct keys to type in the correct order
  10. did your system come shipped with win7 or win8?
  11. Yeah, I have mine overclocked to 1275 and 3000 memory, I was having throttling issues due to heat, so I re-applied the thermal paste on the cpu/gpu and now it runs great. Max temp is now 81c
  12. Hi Svl7, I took pictures of all the configurable options in the v8.01 unlocked bios, i'm guessing we can change the Long Duration TimeWindow option above the default 28 seconds under Advanced CPU control. I have no idea what most of these options mean, so if you could let us know anything we can tweak for higher performance I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Lenovo Y580 Unlocked - Imgur
  13. Hi Svl7, Thank you again for this awesome bios mod, I've managed to overclock my 660m to 1275/3000 after reappling the thermal paste on the cpu and gpu. (temps max out at 70*c or so now) I was wondering if it is possible to modify the VBios for more voltage? Right now it is at about 1087-1100mV under full load, is it possible to boost it to 1150mV or 1200mV???
  14. thank you svl7 I just installed the 8.01 bios and its working perfectly Now I just need to figure out what all these options are for! THANK YOU!
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