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  1. Awesome! PM me your paypal address. I'm a man of my word! Thanks for this contribution. I hope you continue to throw up a few more videos for us. Thanks again!
  2. I had drawn and measured a design with parts from HWTools that would allow me to remove the VGA port and place a extension adapter in its place. So off of the card itself would be a 4" cable that went into the adapter inside. Then it would be plug and play externally with a 30 sized cable. Their engineers said I would suffer no bad with loss with this setup at 30 cable max. Hmmm...
  3. I'd be willing to buy a beer via paypal for a five minute YouTube video showing us bit internal and external performance!
  4. Are these numbers with the internal screen or external? Thinking about picking up a Razor Blade 14, but I still am not sure I want to sell my SVZ for it. Thanks MikjoA!
  5. Have you tested Battlefield 4 yet? I still have my SVZ, and have been tempted to get off my ass and finally do this.
  6. I'm going to message Tech Inferno Fan and see if he's up to testing it.
  7. Nando, If one were to use the tape method, what drawbacks would there be? Just by looking over data from other setups (Like the Z) the DX10/11 scores seem to be pretty close. Would this effectively just balance the setup to 1x without side effects? Thanks!
  8. After looking through the data and results, it appears to currently only offer incremental advantages to dx10 & 11 games. It's the plug and play that's most appealing without having to open or mod your system.
  9. I am confused about these results. This link has results with an eGPU on Sony Z connected to the pci slot. http://www.3dmark.com/3dmv/4315228 When I compare them to boony1's on the first page of this thread, it seems to be 4000 points faster. I was under the impression that the TH05 thunderbolt implementation was superior. Sorry if the answer is plain as day. Still trying to learn how to digest the data correctly.
  10. Are you having to use an additional power supply or only the one supplied with the Sonnet? Also, is everything sealed up in the Sonnet, or do you have to have it open to jump the PSU? Send us a Pic or post a YouTube please. I think it would really help some if us that are stuck in the dark. Thanks!
  11. What about the SWEX connector? Is that not required for the setup? I only ask because I don't see a plug for it in his pictures. Is this PSU any better than the 210 Xbox? I too like the PE4H 3.2 but have two issues with it. 1. Non detachable cable 2. Two PSU needed.
  12. Is there a solution that works with the internal monitor like the TH05? What other solutions are out there that work with the same performance as the TH05?
  13. I will give you $400 for you TH05. Message me
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