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  1. Hey guys, Well I wanted to share with you that Battlefield 3 is free at the moment on origin ! I guess it's a limited offer, and there's no tricks. Grab it here : https://www.origin.com/fr-fr/store/buy/battlefield-3/pc-download/base-game/standard-edition Don't mind the fr-fr it should change to your language automatically. Also, there Plants vs Zombie that you can grab for free as well : https://www.origin.com/fr-fr/store/buy/plants-vs-zombies/mac-pc-download/base-game/standard-edition Enjoy
  2. What trick do you use to set 1.250v ? Did you use msi afterburner tweak which allows up too 1.3v ? Cuz I tried it, and my core voltage was fluctuating way too much, I had tried 1.241v I think, but it was varying from 1.2v to 1.241v in bench or games... Did you manage to get it stable ?
  3. ^ You could download it twice but twice different way, once with a download manager and then without and then compare the checksum, if they are the same then you don't need to worry, I guess the chance you get two corrupted files with the same hashes is the same to meet an alien speaking english. - - - Updated - - - I couldn't do much testing, but everything works very well, I'm not sure why, but my titan feels a little bit more stable at high overclocking, I could run a firestrike at 1215/7020 @1.212v, while before 1215/6008 would crash before the end, and I checked it didn't throttled at all. Thanks a lot for the release I'm going to try the downsampling version soon.
  4. It's quite smaller than your previous v03, 197kb vs 229kb, I guess it's normal, what explains the differences ? edit: I've just flashed it, and it went fine. Idling voltage is great ! now my titan is idling at 0.825v instead of 0.887v hopefully it will idle cooler too, I was idling at 21°C to 24°C before hopefully it gets even lower. oddly enough GPU-Z report bios version : 80.10.3E.00.02 wasn't it supposed to be 80.10.3E.00.01 ? edit2: – ‘Boost 2.0′ disabled OK ! – voltage adjustable up to 1.2125V OK ! but MSI afterburner can't set higher than 1.125v, need nvidia inspector instead. – undervolting possible OK ! – idles normally OK ! – default power target set to 350W OK ! – fan adjustable up to 100% OK ! – normal fan behavior OK ! – lower idle voltages OK ! 0.825v
  5. I know he tried the beta, and it seems to run really well, like 60 fps most of the time (vsync on) in 1680x1050 with ultra settings. I'll add a picture for you to see exactly where to cut the backplate (this is really the only way... don't try to do it without backplate for instance you'd break the Z if you open it without backplate.)
  6. Thanks for clearing it up! Yeah I did know that pci-e compression feature from optimus would only engage with x1 link, I though it was the same for internal rendering. The macbook pro 15" retina, without dGPU, is such an interesting product... too bad it's very expensive and that TB adapters are pricey too and too bad intelapple forced hwtools to discontinue the TH05... It's very disappointing that just a few manufacturer dare to implement thunderbolt into a few of their notebooks...
  7. I'm very interested into TB 2 ! Actually I wasn't much interested into TB 1 since it was a little disappointing having similar performance to X1.2opt on external display. So, how can your render on the internal monitor, with the eGPU ? Because Optimus can't want with X2/X4 ? Because I see that in the eGPU candidate list, the 15" retnia without 750M is recommended for optimus internal LCD mode, but since it's X2 or X4 it can't work ? The only thing that come to my mind to get X1 on TB is to put scotch tape on the PCI-e of the GPU to make it working in X1 instead X4. But this also kills the performance, I mean, on my eGPU in X1.2opt I cannot get more than 51fps in full HD I can't even imagine it in retina, it should be arround 23 fps with my calculations... So @Tech Inferno Fan how did you get such a good performance with your macbook on internal LCD ? did you use optimus or did you use ultramon chungmung ? Maybe I didn't get something correctly, does optimus internal LCD work for any setup with an nvidia GPU and intel HD ? If yes then it's Optimus compression which only work with X1 right ? I'm confused now...
  8. You really shouldn't try furmark, it's only good to burn VRMs, actually I don't think it's very risky on a lightning thanks to its good design and nice amount of vrms, but a reference GTX 680 at 285W could be in danger. I have a friend who burnt his 780 with this crapware at 160% of power limit, that was rougly 400W though.
  9. Since it does not seem to have an expresscard port, you will need to find an accessible mPCI-e interface, this mean you will have to open your laptop to see if behind its bottom plate there's mPCI-e you could use. I'cve done the same on my laptop an I've even made a hole for my eGPU. But with your laptop you won't be able to benefit from optimus features which improve the eGPU performances and allow internal rendering (Optimus allows internal rendering even if the eGPU is not physically connected to your laptop monitor).
  10. Well then you can always set you port to gen1 in the Setup 1.X and compare with gen2, setting your port to gen1 should give you the very same performance you had before with the PE4H.
  11. Dun worry about the 3DMark 06 score, it's not reliable for GPU performance... It is way too much CPU dependant, I think you simply cannot get better even with gen3 speed as long as you keep the same CPU, it explains the very similar scores. Even having a faster card wouldn't help much. You'd better compare 3DMark Vantage, or even 11 or the latest 3DMark 2013 to see improvement from X1.1opt to X1.2opt.
  12. PEAH 2.4 does not support gen2 speed. it's way better to go for a PE4L-PMXXXA which supports gen2 just like your laptop. - - - Updated - - - I use mPCI-e too and it's not a full-size either, yet I have sligthly more space, I guess it would work on your laptop aswell, the PE4L can, at some point, be plugged obliquely. If u can try to plug a full-size mPCIe device if it works obliquely then the PE4L will fit easily.
  13. the thing is the 780 is not really ready for 4K with recent games it's already overkill for my titan oc (1202/7020), at least for what I've tried, I simulated by forcing gpu to render in 4K before downsampling it to 1080p, it was on my heavily modded skyrim : 10-25 fps. you'd need a sli or tri way sli for 4k. Also with such an insane resolution 3gb of vram may not be enough for some games, for nowadays games it could be ok most of the time but next gen games, hmmm I'm not so sure especially because of next console will have plenty for RAM available for the GPU. Why not wait for few days for the R9 290X release it may even be faster than the GTX 780 with more VRAM. also there are some very fast gtx 780 on air like the galaxy HOF which will oc higher than 1300mhz, I'm not that sure the hydro copper can go this fast.
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