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  1. You'll need some electrical mods to fix that Clevo card - Electrically they need an enable-pin and a high-power 3.3V line tied into the 'reserved' pins on the MXM connector - Prema used to have a quite writeup on this, but it looks like it's been removed. Match up the MXM spec to the Clevo MXM spec, you'll see the one enable pin (1.8v but 3.3v works a-ok), and the handful of parallel lines which need to be tied into 3.3V. You should be able to snag a VBIOS here - https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/
  2. Howdy! Found the forums here questing to snag a replacement BIOS for my P775TM1, I thought I still had a copy from back in the day (alongside a Prema backup) but apparently I do not. So I'm here to be helpful, and await download approval. Might show off some of my mod projects.
  3. As popular as the DA-2 is with eGPU and PICO PSUs, has anybody moved to the newer Dell SFF (internal) 12V power supplies, like the L260EA or L200EA? I've been running an ITX rig on the L260EA for a few years, maxing out at ~300W.
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