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  1. Hi BAKED Just a quick question I Have the System76 BONW13 and update the bios to the Clevo R1.07.16 bios. Will your BAKED unlocked bios work with it or do I need to downgrade back to R1.05? Thanks
  2. Got it to work. Thanks
  3. Getting error 366: fail to load driver (pci access for windows). Tool needs to run with administerator priviledge account. When running flashmewinx64.bat
  4. Cool I'll try that. Thank you for your help. I'm not sure why they make it so hard to flash the bios.
  5. Hope this isn't a lame question but I have search the net and could not find anything on flashing P870TM1 bios. I've downloaded the latest version bios from clevo and created a boot flash drive and copied the bios files over. Rebooted into the flash drive get the c:/. Where do I go from here? Thanks
  6. Hello everyone nice to meet you all. Owner of a Clevo P870TM1-G. Love it but needs a unlocked bios. Great lapDisk Top.
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