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  1. Hi, I pulled my old laptop out to do some gaming, its an older P157SM - but the battery isnt registering in Windows - it shows up as a empty hollow battery icon (like its completely empty) Sometimes it will show up with a X on the icon too.. Anyway just wondering if anyone has seen this or has any info on how to fix it? I'm going to try and recovery the battery by slowly charging it with a lab powersupply and see if i can get it to start charging via the laptop.
  2. You mean just normal GPU's? Yeah crypto currency is wrecking the market, im just glad my 2080 is good enough for awhile, I would have got a 3080 by now if I could find one.
  3. I always end up using the noctua paste that comes with the cooler and it lasts great
  4. Hi guys, I brought my Clevo P157SM-a back in 2014 I guess, pulled it back out to play games while traveling but the fan noise is killing me. Looking to get some modded bios to help with the noise.
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