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  1. I've got a tool that allows me to extract all the roms inside the main system bios and I can remove SLC, modify each module as I see fit with a hex editor or another tool before recompiling it but that would require a tool for each module, from what Ive read there is an intel vbios editor that is available only to intel partners we could use to modify the HD4000 bios in the y580 but its not really worth your time lol.
  2. I can provide you with each individual rom file inside the system bios but unless you are really handy with a hex editor I am not sure you will get very far, inside our system there is the intel graphic bios, multiple nvidia mobile card bios and a couple different wireless/raid bios files nothing really of use beyond what svl7 has already done for us.
  3. You are in luck, I happened to back a copy up to my pc. Flash at your own risk, I didn't make any modifications to what svl7 did but either way, you are responsible if you break your own hardware. Droplr • Lenovo_Y480_Y580_-_BIOS_V.206_[unlocked][no whitelist].zip
  4. On second thought you should do what you did with the dell one, 1ghz base, 1.2ghz turbo with 2600mhz as the ram clock, the only concern I had with 1.2ghz+ was temp increases but assuming stock voltage 1ghz base and 1.2ghz should work great.
  5. Yeah I stopped using furmark after my gpu went up to 76 degrees and went into safe throttling mode, forcing me to reboot in order to fix it , thank you very much svl7!
  6. Thank you, would you mind sending me a PM and explaining the steps you took to get this result, I tried a couple things and I couldn't figure it out haha here are some screen shots and 3dmark11 performance scores (demo version), I want to tweak the OC settings more for ram and gpu so that is why I am interested. http://i.imgur.com/4O17G.jpg http://i.imgur.com/o2Kk2.jpg Went ahead and did some overclocking benchmarks/test with different clock speeds of ram and GPU for the GTX660m in the Lenovo Y580 My System, Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit, core i7-3610qm, 16gb ddr3 1600mhz ram We are only going to be using the GPU score from 3dmark11 as we don't care about cpu in this case. 1ghz GPU + 2500mhz (stock ram speed) - GPU Score: 2489, Max Temp: 71C 1ghz GPU + 2600mhz ram - GPU Score: 2503, Max Temp: 71C 1.1ghz GPU + 2600mhz ram - GPU Score: 2711 , Max Temp: 71C 1.150ghz GPU + 2575mhz ram - GPU Score: 2820, Max Temp: 72C 1.2ghz GPU + 2600mhz ram - GPU Score: 2930, Max Temp 73C Max stable ram speed for my GPU is 2675mhz, I didn't push GPU beyond 1.2ghz because I was concerned about overheating issues beyond that. A couple things to note about these results, each 50mhz bump in GPU speed over 1.1ghz seems to result in a 1 degree C increase in GPU temp during 3dmark benchmark and roughly a score increase of 100 or ~4% increase in performance. Ram on the other hand doesn't seem to have much of an effect on performance roughly ~1% for each 100mhz bump. For the best and safest performance I recommend 1.150ghz GPU + 2575mhz ram as a safe overclock with good performance and no overheating issues. svl7 would you be able to put together a vbios version with these settings for me? I'll buy you a beer Remember not all GPU's are created the same, some will overclock further, some will overclock less it just depends on the board you got and a bit of luck, I hope this helps you guys get the best performance from your y580
  7. Hey svl7 could you take a look at this post here http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/2260-lenovo-y580-y480-unlocked-bios-versions-10.html I uploaded a copy of the gtx660m for the lenovo y580 vbios and I am having some trouble overclocking it and wanted to know if you could modify them for me? The desired clocks are 1ghz for gpu (1075mhz for turbo), and a small overclock for the ram speed.
  8. Just an update, I attempted multiple times to edit the GTX660m bios for the Lenovo Y580 (mine is the 3610qm model) and it seems like my changes have no effect please take a look at the screen shot below.
  9. the 660m VBIOS is tied to the system bios in the Lenovo Y580, I am working on overclocking it but i have been unsuccessful, I can however provide a under or overvolted version along side svl7's unlocked bios version.
  10. I went ahead and took some initiative to overclock the bios my self, I can provide the community with an undervolted version but for some reason my clocks in the Vbios have no effect in my testing, maybe I am misunderstanding how kepler card clock domains work? Anyway sVL7 could you modify this rom file and I'll do the rest to package it up neatly. I don't have alot of experience with kepler or fermi overclocking/unlocking, I tried using KGB but it couldn't find the vbios end? This is for the Lenovo y580 , already running your custom unlocked/nowhitelist bios. http://asmithdev.com/files/backup.ROM
  11. Installed the unlocked bios and loving it so far, already enabled VT-D which was previously disabled for some reason in the stock bios, what do I need to do to modify these bios to edit the VBIOS? I have a ton of experience in tweaking ATI and Nvidia card BIOS and often do permanent bios overclock/volt mods with my desktop cards and my friends cards and I would love to do the same with the y580. GTX660M 2gb GDDR5
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