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  1. Do yours throttle like crazy? Ever since I flashed my 765m is throttling like never before:S Resinstalling drivers also failed 3 times:P had to do the install 3 times till it finally installed:P Edit: Seems to be my OC, it wasn't stable:P Edit2: Well I restarted and my video card disappeared:S, everything is blank and when i go to device manager, it simply doesn't have the Display adapter section:S but my monitor still displays everything. Nvidia Control panel is gone, and I can't installed the GPU drivers, says no gpu:P I think i'm flashing back to stock, this was fun while it lasted:P Edit3: flashing back to stock did nothing, the video card is no longer being displayed at all:( Edit4: OK! So LOL, after uninstalling EVERYTHING NVIDIA, and then force restarting into Discrete mode only, it finally reappeared:). My vbios adventure was a scary one! Edit5: Sorry for all the edits, didn't want to repost. Trying again to reflash I think i see my problem. With these bios, the voltage doesn't go over what you set it, with the original it would go up to w.e it was stock set. I actually put the voltage lower than what it was in stock drivers. For this one I see that the normal voltage is 1.00v, though it doesn't go lower. With stock it goes to .8ish. I set it to +12.5 mV which wasn't enough, seeing as the stock drivers during Boost go to 1.0310v, which was why I was stable with +110 mhz. So my 12.5 mV was about 17.5mV lower than stock...how embarrassing!
  2. Managed to get the 660m 20% above max stock oc. (1164 Mhz core, and 1375 Mhz memory) Edit Final ( 1230 Mhz core, and 1375 Mhz memory) Tested on Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier Aliens: Colonial Marines With SweetFX mod (Look close to E3 demo that they faked really good job) Still haven't had the opportunity to see the actually bios and what it unlocked, but honestly I'm happy enough with the Video card OC...this thing has NOOOO problem being OCed...I might have been one of the lucky 660m holders:) The 660m should have a better chance of OCing than the 650m from what I've seen and the 640m (w/gddr5), seeing as I believe that the cards are branded according to testing. In other words if a 660m fails to hold it's clocks its downclocked and marketed as a 650m. Thats what my understand is:) again thank you svl7!
  3. Works like a charm! I had to use ur links and roll back to 2.06 in order to install it. I simply just flashed your 2.06 then went to 2.07 Unlocked. Thanks Svl7 As soon as I get my paypal account sorted expect a beer:).
  4. Oh ok, thank you very much I didn't mean to trouble you. I thought it was something I could've done on my own without driving you up the wall:) Whether you get a fix out or not I hope ur system is up and running soon:) I see that you have an m15x, I wanted to know if I do get it, is it easy (or do-able at least) to switch out the cpu and gpu?
  5. Does any1 have any ideas to overclock the 660m on 2.0x bios? Past the 135 mhz threshold? Thank you:)
  6. I have Bios 2.07 on my Lenovo y580, any idea how to unlock the Graphics card Clocks?
  7. Th3o

    y580 and the 660m Vbios?

    I'm a bit of a noob lol, I've managed to run the hacked bios for the y580. Would I need to flash anything else?
  8. Any chance for a voltage mod for 660m y580?
  9. Are there any Vbios available for the y580? I've tried searching but I haven't had any luck, I was wondering if my search skill weren't up to par? Thanks!!!
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