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  1. last year my neighbor ripped my internet cable while digging. i was almost one week without internet connection, so i wanted to watch my plex movies. Unfortuneately Plex doesn´t work without internet connection. I wonder if there is any workaround to get PLEX working without internet connection? Plex server is on LAN (synology DS) and clients are on lan too.
  2. Tesla is still benchmark in Electric vehicles. But other car makers are catching up very quickly. I wonder if Tesla is still an independent company by 2030.
  3. the titan x sells on ebay for around 100 bucks now
  4. i use Conductonaut mainly, in my opinion very good.
  5. any experience with the MPE-AX3000H card?
  6. They wouldn´t sell computers with that name nowadays i guess,
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