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  1. Hi, I am looking to remove the bios wifi whitelist restriction for a Lenovo G700 version 7ACN89WW . This is version 3.07 I have used a programmer to read direclly from bios chip but it has failed. Is there any other method available to remove bios restriction from this laptop?
  2. Hi Kem, Would you be able to remove bios wifi restrictions from my Lenovo G700? So that I can upgrade my wifi card my bios is V 3.07 version 7ACN89WW. thanks
  3. Hi there, I been looking for a modified bios for my lenovo G700. I want to replace my original card with an intel 7260ac. However, the bios on this model got a lenovo protection on it. I found some information online how to read the bios using a programmer however this has failed for me. So i am looking into alternative methods to do that. I am wondering if the process described for the lenovo y510p would work on my G700. These both laptops seems to be from the same lenovo era they look very similar. If got any info in how to unlock my bios for wifi upgrade on my g700 would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Attemps to read bios using a programmer has failed on my G700. As the y510p model seems to be very similar and from the same lenovo era I am wondering if this process would also work on lenovo G700? Any alternatives of remove the wifi restrictions on G700 would be much appreciated.
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