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  1. Hidden Content HP 2560P vs Lenovo X220 (butwhyme) HP 2560P vs Lenovo X220 vs other ultraportables/ultrabooks (spoiler below - Tech Inferno Fan) HP 2560P vs 2530P (butwhyme) HP 2560P vs 2540P vs 2530P vs 2510P (spoiler below - Tech Inferno Fan) Customized 2560P systems (ordered by approx additional expense spent) Owner Storage Other Mods 2.5" sata bay sata optical bay/2.5" caddy External Tech Inferno Fan ssd: 128GB MDS Bullet Proof hdd: 500GB/newmodeus - DC_optimized, GTX560Ti DIY eGPU SimoxTav ssd: ??? hdd: 250GB/ebay - i7-2630QM, GTX560Ti DIY eGPU, 8GB RAM vnwhite ssd: 256MB Crucial C300 hdd: 750GB/ebay - DC_optimized, i7-2820QM, 6300AGN, 8GB 1866MHz RAM RED - highest performance setup | GREEN - lowest power consumption drive setup (2.5" SSD see here). OS, drivers and disassembly Drivers, Manuals, Maintenance And Service Guide, Media Services Library with disassembly videos.Popular HP Notebook Software Collection : one-stop location for the latest versions of popular HP notebook sw.Win7 OEM sources : the additional HP installation contents added to a Win7 CD.HP/Compaq Desktop Wallpapers : A compilation of stock wallpapers from the HP and Compaq notebook rangeHP DMIFIT 118 Utility: change DMI details, eg: model number, serial, password. Used to tattoo your system in case you replace the systemboard. Usually done by a HP technican.StorageSecond hotswappable 9.5mm 2.5" HDD/SSD via optical drive bay. 2560P examples: ebay (SimoxTav) or newmodeus. e-sata/usb cable or enclosure, useful for external e-sata storage. Eg: convert optical drive to be external unitExpansionUSB 3.0: add a US$15-delivered USB 3.0 expresscard.DIY eGPU: to attach a desktop videocard via expressport. Provides HDMI/DVI and accelerated graphics. WWAN/WIFI card whitelist: the WWAN/WIFI cards the 2560P bios will bootup with.Ivy Bridge CPU retrofit for 2560P?: proposed method to get ME 8.x firmware onto a 2560P for Ivy Bridge CPU support.TweaksFlashing F.01 bios to a 2560P : to regain 1866Mhz RAM support removed in subsequent versions. Includes details on other hacks.F.28 or newer BIOS removes RAM frequency limit. Can use 1866Mhz RAM at full speed.HPFancontrol: set custom (quieter) fan profile confimed to work on a 2560P by pejxPerformance: running 1600, 1866 or 2133Mhz DDR3 RAM in a 2560p : gain up to 54%/10% single-channel/dual-channel HD3000 performance.DC_optimized: optimize the system to maximize battery life, idling at 4.7-5.2W!! Done with more sophistication by vnwhite &.Enabling third-button mouse click scrolling with touchstykDual-channel RAM: increases WEI RAM and video (1x4GB vs 2x4GB)How to enable Upgrade Bay Hard Drive boot: so can hit F9 at bios screen then boot off an optical bay caddy HDD or SSD.Disconnect upgrade bay caddy diagnostic pin: allows the system to fully shutdown rather than hang with a black screen.MiscRetrofitting webcam to non-webcam models : in case you have a non-webcam model.Backlit keyboard mod: HP Folio 13 backlit keyboard retrofit??EliteBook NightLight mod: increase the brightness/spread of the nightlight by removing the diffuser.Obtaining an expresscard blank: if lost or damaged yours. Replacement comes with an optical drive weight saver. FAQ about optical drive space saver: can it's faceplate be used on other ODDs or a caddy? Answer: no/maybe. Schematic - Inventec_Styx_MV.pdf (aka HP Elitebook 2560P). The block diagram summary is below: Hi everyone, I know this is an old post but I would be interested in some of the mods listed here for the HP Elitebook 2560p. Particularly the tweaks in the RAM speed and flashing the Bios. Is the bios F.0.1 a modified version? My laptop is running Bios Version F.50 at the moment, I have clicked in the links regarding the information listed here but I guess the info is too old and the links shows an invalid URL. I am also interested in any information how to upgrade the WIFI and Bluetooth on this laptop. If any one reading this that could be point me into the right direction regarding these mods it would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi, I am looking to remove the bios wifi whitelist restriction for a Lenovo G700 version 7ACN89WW . This is version 3.07 I have used a programmer to read direclly from bios chip but it has failed. Is there any other method available to remove bios restriction from this laptop?
  3. Hi Kem, Would you be able to remove bios wifi restrictions from my Lenovo G700? So that I can upgrade my wifi card my bios is V 3.07 version 7ACN89WW. thanks
  4. Hi there, I been looking for a modified bios for my lenovo G700. I want to replace my original card with an intel 7260ac. However, the bios on this model got a lenovo protection on it. I found some information online how to read the bios using a programmer however this has failed for me. So i am looking into alternative methods to do that. I am wondering if the process described for the lenovo y510p would work on my G700. These both laptops seems to be from the same lenovo era they look very similar. If got any info in how to unlock my bios for wifi upgrade on my g700 would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Attemps to read bios using a programmer has failed on my G700. As the y510p model seems to be very similar and from the same lenovo era I am wondering if this process would also work on lenovo G700? Any alternatives of remove the wifi restrictions on G700 would be much appreciated.
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