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  1. Hey Everyone! Have an Alienware 13 R3 with an i7 6700HQ (same processor as my AW 15r2, I love it!), and GeForce 1060. However, battery life is a real issue...I get at top 4h30 with medium brightness and no wifi Even my m11x R3 has more battery life (more than 6h30 under Archlinux with Wifi On) Do you know of any way to expand battery life, or maybe with recommended batteries with different cell technologies that could bring more capacity? Thank you in Advance
  2. Hey! Very curious about this mod. Does it bring UEFI boot mode capabilities ?
  3. Hey Everyone! Just onboarding here. Got hands on an Alienware m11x R3 (expanding my Alienware family). Great piece, even today. Very portable and very versatile. It's an i7, I evolved the ssd for a 1Tb and ram to max up to 16Gb. Running Archlinux with KVM for the virtual machines currently : bloody fast! Anyone could make Qubes OS run on it yet?
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