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  1. nothingknow

    What movies have you seen lately?

    What do you think about James Bond's Skyfall? For me there is really too little action in it...
  2. Nice tutorial, thank you! Did you use an isolation mat? What? Why? You opened the device completely in connection with so much work/time and you did not replace the termal past? *omg*
  3. Hey guys, I flashed successfully (no bricking!) the from RadioDOT linked BIOS mod, (page 6). And now I have full AES support!TOP guys! You will get one more beer I have got a question: Can I overclock the 650M more than 970Mhz? How? MSI Afterburner and Nvidia Inspector allow me only 970Mhz. And for those guys failing to run the flash.bat, you have definitely to DISABLE the UAC-Control from Windows with msconfig!
  4. I would only like to use AES with my laptop. I found this thread, but the file from the russian guy is down. Look here. Could someone upload it please? Thank you loads!

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