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  1. Not sure how stale this conversation might be, but there AliExpress (not a paid sponsorship or anything XD) has a large selection of these devices. FYI: AliExpress Search: "GTX 970M" There should be a decent selection of the heatsinks, at least there was an entry for my platform (GX660).
  2. I've been checking AliExpress for GX660 parts and it seems that they have a nice selection of various other GPU's and sinks related to this thread. Not a paid sponsorship! I was just looking around and thought this would be a good update. AliExpress "GX660" search
  3. My first experience updating a bios came back in 2012 on my GX660. My GPU was on it's last legs as the laptop was used everyday, 24/7, at home, on the-go and in-transit via planes, train and bus. The PC would BSOD about 5 minutes in LoL matches out of the heat, I guess? I remember reading (or thinking to myself?) that I could try to update the BIOS and something was bound to change. I don't remember how I managed to mess the preparation with regards to the bootable media. I was able to get all the files I needed into the USB drive and I was able to initiate the process but I managed to get the laptop shutdown while the BIOS was being updated. I remember the culprit being an aging power supply barrel (intermittent connection) plus a shoddy battery on it's last legs. What was weird, however, was that I waited a good amount of time before the PC outright shutdown. I managed to get my PC back because I literally got an opportunity to go to MSI HQ in California to inform them of the issue. I was able to get them to give me a replacement MOBO and GPU for my stupidity, though the reason I stated the most was the original issue with the graphics card. Question: How likely was it that the BIOS update process was somehow stalled? How long does it usually take for this process to complete? BTW, I am currently giving this laptop a new purpose. Not as a gaming laptop, but as a workshop PC. The dedicated graphics, coupled with a new set of RAM (8GB) and an SSD should be quite enough to run CAD design programs like KiCAD, Fusion 360 & CircuitMaker.
  4. Just updating this thread with some useful info. There are parts listed in AliExpress: Click Here to go to Ali Express
  5. Quick question, Does anyone know if the BIOS for GX660 and GX660R are interchangeable? I'm sorry about asking a question that might have already been answered, I did make the effort in looking for the answer but no luck.
  6. Hello all, I am in a quest to give my laptop, an MSI GX660 a new found purpose. I am in the process of finding an unlocked BIOS for it and I was able to find this forum. It's nice to see a the efforts of such a dedicated community and their efforts to help people like me. Nice to have found this place.
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