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  1. Hello Klem I've been watching this forum for a couple years now I believe and the work you do here looks amazing. Only until now I've started overclocking my y50-70 and had issues with my wi-fi card. Can you please remove the white list, unlock additional and advanced menus? I will send the bios in your pm.
  2. Hey guys I just wanted to know a few things while I wait for my one week waiting period to be up so I can mod my bios and upgrade my Wi-Fi card. So, the Lenovo y50-70 has known issues about its network card the intel Dual-band wireless-AC 7260. I’m not so sure what everybody else experiences but what I notice is poor connectivity on the 5 GHz Wi-fi networks and occasional crashing. What I’m wondering is crashing that happens caused by the Wi-fi card or is it another component. The symptoms of a crash are not normal like a graphics card or CPU failure. It starts with loss of internet connection, then sometimes I am not able to use half of the keyboard (this one rarely happens) and I cannot restart the computer because it will sit endlessly in a loop trying to. This doesn’t ever happen on the 2.4 GHz frequency or when I’m wired in.
  3. I saw there was a whole forum for modding the bios of older Lenovo y50-70s on this website which is how i found this website. I thought it would be helpful If i shared my findings on here on how to cool this laptop further. I've made several modifications to the cooling since its been the biggest issue for me. I first started out by laying a 3mm thick silicone thermal pad to several areas to the eat sink to come in contact with the back case so that my cooling pad and fans can take away more heat. One side note is that it can't be 3mm the whole way down especially closer to the area where the fan is located because it is to close to the case. This helped the most by cooling it down by a whole 20-25 C! Second modification I made was removing the mesh covering the fan intake. Yes dust will actually be able to get in now and I'll will have to clean it more often but that is the price to pay for more performance. This helped by 15 C and was able to keep me below 70C for intensive games and 60C for most other games. I'm sure this can be applied to other gaming laptops struggling with removing heat. Thanks for reading hopefully someone finds this helpful
  4. Was browsing through old forums and saw this and thought it would be interesting to give an update on Project M for anybody who isn't aware. The original PM dev team decided to stop for whatever reason and left the game in what most people felt was an unfinished mod. Another team decided it was in the communities best interest to finish it by adding the almost done character Knuckles and finishing balancing to the game. They changed the name from project Melee to project + and their website can be found here https://projectplusgame.com/ The mod is still getting updates to this day and you can find updates in their discord server, although they are done for the most part adding new content it mostly consists of balance and bug fixes. Hopefully someone finds this helpful on this old forum.
  5. Hey so I just finished reading the terms of service and reading a few of the other intros. Its kind of hard to not sound like everybody else but I will try my best. I have a 5 year old lenovo y50-70 that I have been upgrading slowly throughout the summer to increase my performance with it. The clock currently runs at 2.6 GHz and I can stably overclock it to 3.0 on most games. But once it gets up there the computer will thermal throttle even if its below 60 C. I'm looking to learn more into bois and overclocking in general. I don't want to brick my computer since I'm very new to this kind of stuff. I have to make 5 posts so I'm going to try to not put it all in one post. Thanks for reading.
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