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  1. Hi, i have a santech n87 that model is a clevo p150sm (not p150sm-a) i have updated it to the latest bios from the santech site, bios version is 1.05.01 and ec is 1.05.p1; i have flashed a p150sm-a bios for recognizing a 980m (now work) but the bios doesn't see that gpu the ec version i flashed the p15sm, i tried to flash the p15sm after the p15sm-a bios but the notebook flashed only the ec, now Klem give me two prema bios a p15sm v2 and a p15sma v1, that bios is based on a 1.03 bios i have a mix of the 1.05 bios i need to unlock my bios because i need to do an hackintosh because that laptop will be my new daily laptop and i usa both windows and mac os, but without a prema bios i can't install mac os because a microcode can't be write and cause a kernel panic... my question now is can i downgrade safely the bios to the p150sm v2 (my motherboard now think is a p150sm-a but with the p150sm-a ec the keyboard doesn't have backlight and netwrok didn't work very wel) Edit: finally i talk with prema, and now i flashed the premamod v2 for p15sm, all works fine
  2. first my laptop now working perfectly but i want to unlock the bios to allow increase vcore and increase max temp target, plus o want to take effective + core clock, if i set +100 nothing appen to the core i've created a bios wich use +100 on core and i flashed it, but i don't want do that every time
  3. hi Klem i am new i build and modified a p150sm-a about 2 days ago i bought with r9 290x broken i repair it and then put a 980m 8gb, that card wouldn't work i flashed a bios of p150sm-a but it gave me problems then i flashed the first part of bios only of the p150sm and now my pc work perfectly i obviously need driver with modded inf for nvidia 980m working but i can't oc the gpu and add more voltage can you resolve that? GM204.rom
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